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Behind the Scenes: Larger-Than-Life Halloween Pumpkins at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

As you enter Disneyland park during Halloween Time, you’re greeted by oversized Halloween pumpkins in the shape of some of your favorite Disney characters. Since it’s not easy to find a Pluto-shaped pumpkin growing in the patch, it’s up to the Disneyland Resort Creative Development team to work a little magic. In this video, we went behind the scenes with “Pumpkin King” Brian D. Sandahl, Senior Designer for Disney Entertainment Creative Development, as he prepared these and other Halloween Time decorations for their debut last month.


  • Will they ever do a Nightmare Before Christmas redecorate at the Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World?? I’d love to see that, but not albe to fly cross country with my 5 children from Virginia.

  • The girl working on the garland..what is her job title?

  • I hope to see those one day!

  • I want that job!

  • Awesome!! One of my favorite parts of visiting Disneyland is seeing the holiday decor. The attention to detail is fabulous and so magical!:D

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