Caption This: Flight to the Moon at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

This 1967 publicity photo for the then-new Flight to the Moon attraction at Disneyland park is ripe with caption possibilities. What is happening – or about to happen – here?

Please prepare for lift off, and “Caption This!”

Caption This: Flight to the Moon at Disneyland Park


  • No caption, but just wanted to point out that is the wonderful 1966 Disneyland Ambassador.

  • The man that flew around the Matterhorn had a bigger one than you.

  • Is this how I turn on the WiFi?

  • if I just push here…I’ll never have to clean my room again!!

  • “…these two tanks are for my AquaNet hairspray…”

  • Wow! This thing really dispenses Whipped Cream! Neato!

  • Ma’am, I think someone messed up your costume. The Hat is too big and the jet pack is too small. I’ll go find the cast member in charge of costumes.

  • “Can I gas you up Mrs. Brady?”

  • Ok son, now remember… after you push it, START RUNNING or you will get burned really bad

  • “Remember last night when you said I couldn’t have that extra Mickey bar?”

  • “I’m not sure that little jet pack will get you and your HUGE helmet off the ground.”

  • “What button do I push for some rock-hard breadsticks?”

  • “Why does this button say, ‘DO NOT PRESS HERE’?”

  • “Nevermind this jetpack. What’s the deal with the giant snow-globe on your head???”

  • Well, honestly ma’am, I think you’re going to need a lot of Pixie Dust to get up to the moon with that thing.

  • Mom, I’m really afraid of what might happen if somebody starts playing Slim Whitman music…

  • Boy: What Does this button do… Oops!

  • Little Jimmy won first prize in the school science fair with just a vacuum cleaner, a fishbowl, and the antenna from Dad’s garage tv.

  • Does this jet pack make my butt look big?

  • “That is not a real jet pack… It’s too small to be a real jet pack!”

  • Huh… if I hit this button, will you make that funny “poot” sound again…?

  • “To the moon, Alice!”

  • “One of these days, ALice…. POW! Right to the moon!”

  • No son, not that button. Pull my finger . . . .

  • “All I do is push this button and Mommy flies away?…..hmmmm”

  • “”Property of the Rocketeer’….’If found, return to Howard Hughes’–What’s that mean?”

  • It shows your running low on hair spray!

  • Are you sure if I push this button, I won’t burn your biscuits?

  • “That looks a lot like the one Buzz used to have.”

  • “And that was the last anyone saw of Castmember Carol”

  • A clearer version of my first post…

    Oh, if I only had a quarter for all these kids who walk up to me thinking I’m Will Robinson’s Mom!

  • Oh, If I only had a quarter for all these kids who walk up to me thinking I’m Maureen Robinson!

  • Does this switch send you to infinity and beyond?

  • Space lady – “Could you check my air reserves little boy?
    Boy – “Sure ma’am.” *checks gauge* “Um, it’s pointing towards the red zone”
    Space lady – “Fantasmic….”

    Just the face she’s making makes me think of that.

  • That little thing won’t even get you to Burbank. Let me call Imagineering and see if they have something bigger.

  • “This one is mine, can’t you tell by the size?”

  • Um….there’s a spider on your….rocket booster.

  • “Cool! You mean I’m gonna get to work everyday with one of these when I grow up?”

  • “Push the button, sweetie. Mommy is running out of air…”
    “I will if you promise we can go to Disneyland today. PROMISE?”

  • Coooool, I want one of those!

  • you mean if I push the button you’ll go to the moon…?


    If only Ralph Kramden could see this!

  • Why is your hair bigger than your jet pack?

  • “Maa’m, if you’re going to the moon…then I’m going to the moon with you! But you have to do something about that hair!”

  • Little Boy: ” Cool! A jet pack!! Hmm… What does this button do?”

  • “Are you sure I won’t get in trouble if I touch that button?”

  • Oooooooooooooh!!! I wonder what this button does.

  • Boy: What does the red button do???

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