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Caption This: Mickey’s 1972 Disney’s Contemporary Resort Stay at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today’s “Caption This” photo was taken in 1972 in one of the resort rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World Resort.

Caption This: Mickey’s 1972 Disney's Contemporary Resort Stay at Walt Disney World Resort

Mickey looks like he’s ready for some rest and relaxation in this groovy resort room. But what matter is so urgent that he’s taking calls while on vacation? Is he arranging a date with Minnie, or ordering up some cheese from Room Service? You tell me. Go ahead and “Caption This”!


  • Did you see the video, I can Talk Now!

  • Yes there’s a big mouse in my bed!

  • ” … last name? That’s spelled M-O-U-S-E. No… that’s an “M”, as in Mickey.. yes, that’s right.. “just like the cartoon”.. uh huh”

  • Honest Donald, a Monorail train goes right throught the hotel.

  • Where’s Duffy? I can’t sleep without my teddy bear!

  • Calling Mr. Morrow. Mr. Tom Morrow.

  • Look! It’s one of those new phones with the push buttons!

  • Roomservice Please……Yes it is, thank you so much. Could you possibly send up some extra Q tips?

  • I wish I could carry a phone with me wherever I go. But that’s impossible, even for the Imagineers!

  • “Hi this is Mickey Mouse. I am calling in personal for my shift today from 9am until 12am everywhere in Walt Disney World.”

  • -In voice of Lady GaGa-
    Hello hello baby you call back, I can’t hear a thing..I have got no service in the club you s-see! W-whaat did you say you’re breakin’ up on me, I cannot here you I’m k-kinda busy!

  • “This doesn’t look like the Presidential Suite!”

  • No, I’m watching the Olympics! Jim McKay just got thrown out of the studio by Willi Daume!

  • So Earol Flynn is to old to play Robin Hood! So we are going to use a fox! I do not know if that will work

  • What do you mean I have to call 180 days out for a dining reservation?

  • What? I raff I ruse? Challenge accepted.

  • “Good morning folks! This is your 8 am wake up call! See you in the park. Gosh it’s going to be a fun day!” … Whew, glad they didn’t ask for a 6 am call!

  • “We’ve traced the call. It’s coming from somewhere inside the hotel room.”

  • “Goofy, what did you say? I told you to wait until I moved the phone to my ear.”

  • “Sir, you might want to send a maintenance man over to that office across the way. The lights are off and they must be lookin’ for a fuse box or something ’cause them flashlights they’re keeping me awake. Thank you. Goodnight.”

  • I remember when you posted the picture of Minnie on the phone! So cute =)

  • Tomorrowland, please! I need to speak to the Social Media Manager. I’ve got a new photo for that DisneyParks Blog website…

    • Bringing it full circle!

  • Can you hear me now?

  • “Yes can someone bring me a large Dole Whip? I know the owner!”

  • “Oh boy! Is this housekeeping? My room is so cold my fingers have shrunk up to nothing!”

  • “What? You’re up in the VIP suite?…Well, don’t worry about the speech tonight, Mr. President, just tell them you’re not a crook!”

  • “Yes, that’s right, a large pepperoni, with extra cheese.”

  • Hiya, Concierge; I’d like to confirm my reservation for the Hoop-Dee-Do Musical Revue. Yes, for 2, myself and Minnie. Thanks, catcha later.

  • “I specifically requested a Mickey Mouse phone.”

    • That would be funny!

  • Hello, Front Desk? Yes, I’d like to request a wake up call… What do you mean I have to call myself?

  • Hello-Front Desk-I need a longer phone cord. My room phone doesn’t reach my ear!

  • WOW this is Excellent gang, Mike was just born. we will get to meet him in like five years. This is going to be swell. I can’t wait. I need a nap.

  • Hello Minnie? I’m in room 4432 – see ya real soon!

  • Hi, Front Desk? The color in my room is broken…

  • Hiya, Pal! Thanks for visiting Walt Disney World! Have a swell day! *click* One room down, 1,042 to go!

    • Too funny!

  • “Hi, yeah, I want to schedule breakfast with the characters…”

  • “Can you tell me what time the three o’clock parade is at the Magic Kingdom?

  • Mickey calling Front Desk to request a late checkout after a long night of electric parading and back to back Fantasmic performances.

  • “Hello, Mr. President…I need to talk to you about the state of the economy and its effect on the travel and tourism industry.”

  • Where can I find a character experience with Donald Duck?

  • My smile belies the fact that I’m getting tired of recording these personalized wake-up calls.

  • Hello Pal, your room is ready and I’m waiting to see you so we can play in the Parks together, See You Real Soon!

  • Hey, I don’t remember recording this wake-up call message!!!!

    • 🙂

  • Room service? I would like a Dole Whip, a Mickey Ice Cream Bar, and an assortment of fine cheeses. My name is Mickey Mouse and I am in room 1971. Thank you!

  • Hello, front desk? I’d like to request a new room. I saw a mouse in this one.

    • Ha!

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