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Caption This: One Spooked Raven at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

The star of this week’s “Caption This” photo is one of the only “living” creatures that resides within The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World Resort – it’s the mansion’s resident raven.

Caption This: One Spooked Raven at Walt Disney World Resort

There’s no doubt that he’s seen quite a few unusual sights in his 40 years at The Haunted Mansion. In this shot, he’s overlooking the shaking casket. What’s he thinking? Go ahead and “Caption This!”


  • “If I don’t move… they won’t see me..”

  • “I was suppose to be in the Enchanted Tiki Room, not watching Doom Buggies, where’s my agent! I’m a star! Didn’t you see me in The Birds?”

    • That would be funny. From Tiki to Mansion? That would be quite a change.

  • That snooze alarm never seems to work right.

  • Wow! Check out the feathers on that one! i thought I had seen everything.

  • “If I stand still, they can’t see me.”

  • 40 years in this old haunt, you’de think i’d get at least a guest appearance on “Thats so Raven!”

    • 🙂

  • Nevermore.

    • That would be a cool literary connection!

  • “Uh, ‘Sometimes’!…’Occasionally’!….’Once in a while’!…(Darn what’s that line again?)”

  • Excuse me, could I trouble you for some Visine?

  • You would think that after 40 years this guy would learn a new song to play!

  • “Where is that cat? I know I heard him! I’m keeping an eye out for him!”

  • I won…. you blinked I have the record 40 years and COUNTING!

  • Sheesh! All of these people riding by, but our occupancy rate is stagnant at 999, nevermore!

  • BOOOOOO!!!

  • It’s been 40 years sir. You really think they are going to let you out.

    • Funny!

  • “Living…living…living…nice hat…living…dea-nope, living…living…man, we’ll never reach our quota…living…”

  • I see all those mouse ear hats of various characters, wonder when they’ll make one in my image. I hope they ask me my opinion on how mine should look.

  • 40 years of unruly guests taking flash photos and now my eyes are permanently red!

  • “I sware I saw that one pass by. Yea there is that mickey hat again. Why is everyone in those two cars wearing the same shirts. Do they think that this is a theme park like, Disneyland?

  • “Anyone see my master, Maleficent? I keep hearing her voice coming from the seance room, but that’s not her, just some lady in a floating ball.”

    • Good Disney history knowledge!

  • “When will the vampire teddy bear come here and relieve me of my duties for a little while?”

  • Why do we always have so many visitors? And how do I get me on of their cool carts? What are they called again? Zoom bunnies?

  • I’ve been like this for 40 years, I Really need a wing massage!

  • KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! Who’s that rap tap tapping on my door? I bet it’s more Trick or Treaters!

  • I’m tired of this dead end job. Think I’ll apply to Disney’s College and become an actual Cast Member.

  • Mine, mine, mine…muwahahahaha

  • “I’m supposed to be hosting this thing…stupid sore throat!”

  • When asked about his time at Walt Disney World, quoth the raven, “Never bored.”

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