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Create a Magical Moment at Walt Disney World Resort with the Help of Tinker Bell

Jean Volante

by , Floral Event Manager, Disney Floral & Gifts

Tinker Bell Creating a Magical Moment at Walt Disney World Resort

Guess who visited Disney Floral & Gifts this morning! Yep, Tinker Bell! (So for those that may not believe in fairies, this photo is for you… and it doesn’t look like she’s camera shy).

We had just finished making a surprise gift for someone when she appeared. Tink asked a few questions to learn more about the guest, then added a bit of pixie dust and together we created a Disney moment. You know the type of moment I’m referring to. The type when Disney surprises you with something you didn’t see coming and warms your heart. It’s great stuff… a magical moment. If you’d like to learn a secret about how Disney creates magical moments, here’s a tip: Do something sweet and unexpected for someone, something from the heart.

Want to try out this concept? Here’s your opportunity: How about we set you up to create a Disney moment for someone else. First, think of an individual who could use a bit of magic, then simply post a comment to encourage, inspire, thank or recognize them. And here’s the best part – forward the story with your comment to them. Often times when we make a step to be Disney for someone else, something very special happens. You create a moment for them and for yourself.


  • My mother is nothing short of amazing. First off, she gave birth to me at 40…that’s pretty amazing in of itself! She has shown her unyielding support through every stage of life, and has provided every opportunity she could to give me a full life. She put me through college at my dream school, and twice she sent me abroad, all the while sharing my excitement, accomplishments and smiles.

    For years she cared for my sick father with patience and love, until his battle with bad health ended at 65 years old. She transitioned into a “normal life” after being widowed with inspiring grace. She then cared for her ailing 90 year old mother, suffering from Lymphoma, by moving her into her home and waiting on her beck and call. Last month my grandma passed, and my mother now has this extraordinary chance she hasn’t had in years…to now put herself first.

    My mother was a 5th grade teacher for 30 years, and we constantly run into her former students who say that she was their favorite teacher, and that to them, she really made a difference. I am both inspired and humbled by her excellence, and the many lives she has touched. We will be celebrating her 65th birthday at Walt Disney World in May, and I can’t wait to make this trip the most memorably incredible trip ever!

    Mom, I was ALWAYS admire and love you to the max. You have truly made my life a dream come true! THANK YOU!!

  • My mother Terri is an amazing woman. She does everything in her power to make the family happy. She is always working hard and always putting herself last. The happiest I see my mother is when she is in Disneyland on our last trip she gave up her time and spent most of her trip with my youngest brother on his first trip going on Its a Small World a dozen times. She is a hard worker and I love my mother very much so thank you mom for working as hard as you do. I can only hope when I am a wife and mother I am as strong and hard working as you <3

  • My dear husband has done many, many wonderful things. Most recently he renovated the whole front of our house. He spent his vacation pulling down ceilings, insulating, replacing windows and hanging new insulation, ceilings, light fixtures and many other tasks. While it was 95 degrees and without airconditioning. In Central Florida no less! The front of the house includes my office and he made it a pleasure to work in there now! He is truly someone who today and everyday is magic to me!

  • My husband Alec is a very special person. He always tries to help others and be there for anyone who needs him. He was the father to my son, when his own was not there. One of these days I hope to be able to take him to Disney so he can see what the happiest place on earth is like!

  • My husband, Joe, is my best friend. He is a wonderful example of what a husband and father should be to our two children. He works hard to provide for us and shows his love in a million ways. I love and respect him with all of my heart. Our next trip to the Happiest Place on earth is less than 100 days away now and it couldn’t happen to a more wonderful person! xoxo

  • My wife is leaving the country for six months any day now. I just want her to know that she has made every moment since the day we met “Happily Ever After”. She is a wonderful wife and mother and we will miss her. So today I am sending her all of my love and the love of our family!!

  • My wife Melissa loves tinker bell! As a military family we spend little time together she holds down the home front during long deployments. She is a very strong woman that is often sick with heritary diseases that have left her laid up and often in the hospital and having surgeries. She has finally had a few good months! Hoping it lasts we planned a Caribbean cruise but had to cancel a mere three weeks after I returned from Afghanistan. I was riding into work early morning on my motorcycle and a driver turned right into me leaving me admitted to ICU. She in turn took over being my caregiver tending to my son and I every need. Currently waiting for surgery myself and wanting to take advantage of the forced time off. We have decided to take a train to Disney with our refund from the cruise (thank goodness for travel insurance!). We are all ecstatic! Abl to spend some time together away from hospitals for a week and create some lasting memories. I will be rubbing her feet every night for somehow she will manage to walk through all the parks pushing me in the wheel chair without a single complaint. Not to mention chasing our 4 year old. I can only imagine if tinker bell surprised her. She will be celebrating her 27th birthday during our trip. We arrive on oct 22nd and depart the 28th. She is so happy to spend our first night at the Caribbean Beach resort in a pirate room!!! And was able to score an amazing deal for the remainder of our stay at shades of green for $69 a night with the caregivers promotion!! Wishing we could have stayed the beach resort the whole time but how can you pass up a deal like that. I’ll save this note for after our trip in case something magical happens for her. She is the most loyal, dedicated, loving woman I will ever be lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with! Melissa I love you with all my heart, you are my world! Thank you for all you do! I hope to make each and every day of our lives together as magical as you make mine! Always, Chris

  • My older sister Brenda is a mother of 3. Between work and raising her 3 wonderful children she barely has a moment to herself. My wish is for her to find a moment today and relax. She is a wonderful mother and a beautiful sister and I am so lucky to have her in my life 🙂 Smile today Brenda, you deserve it!!!

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