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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Wildlife Treated to Pumpkins for Halloween

As part of our focus on excellence in animal care, our animal experts provide Disney’s Animal Kingdom wildlife with a variety of enrichment items. These special treats, such as foods, toys or fragrance, prompt animals to explore, make choices and maintain a level of activity in their habitat similar to their natural behavior in the wild.

In celebration of Halloween, several animal species were treated to pumpkins as enrichment. Click on the video, and watch the fun!


  • Awesome! My family and I loved watching this video. I wish I was there to see the animals enjoying their treat.

  • This was definitely one of the best videos the blog has posted. Please post more animal interactive videos. Love it!!!

  • My kids thoroughly enjoyed this. It is great when they connect with these endangered animals. It is amazing how such a big cat acts just like our cat at home. We loved the “kitty.”

  • Love it – leave it to Disney – nobody does it better!

  • Wow, awesome video…loved watching all the animals play with their pumpkins 😀

  • That is one of the best videos I have ever seen. Glad to see the animals have so much fun with their enrichment. Well done to the Cast members who gave out the treats. The castmembers must get great joy in watching the animals interact with their treats

  • This is my favorite video the blog has ever posted. Bravo!

  • This is so cute I can’t stand it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I like it when the Elephant got the pumpkin got stuck on its tusk. So Funny!

  • What a fantastic video – I’m smiling the whole time I watch it! Especially love the elephants, cats and meerkats playing with the pumpkins. Awesome stuff!

  • All the animals are so cute!!! I love the view of Expedition Everest in the beginning. That was such a cool coaster.

  • I LOVE this video! I would love to be there on a day when they’re doing enrichment activities like this for so many of the wonderful animals that call Animal Kingdom home!

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