Evil Queen Awarded ‘Sinister Stylings’ Wicked Gooey Apple; Vote Now for ‘Lair of Scare’ Category

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

The Evil Queen Wins the ‘Sinister Stylings’ Wicked Gooey Apple Award

Earlier this week, the Evil Queen was named the recipient of the latest Wicked Gooey Apple Award – this time for “Sinister Stylings.” Voting is now open for the “Lair of Scare” category. Which Disney villain has the spookiest, creepiest den of doom? Whether it’s the added security of goon guards, the understated elegance of a rounded crystal ball or the homey feel of a flamingo — which doubles as a croquet mallet — in the backyard, who do you think truly has a flair for twisted trappings?

Vote now at Disneyland.com/HalloweenTime!


  • My vote is for the Evil Queen from Snow White. She had a lair that all would envy!!!

  • I think for “Lair of Scares” my vote would have to go to the lesser known Horned King.

  • Scar,plz 🙂

  • I voted for Maleficent

  • I don’t think anyone WANTED to say the Queen was less stylish than another villain… 😉

    As for lair security, Maleficent seems to be the only prepared villain, with armed guards, reinforced stone fortresses and iron portcullises. Sort of shames how easy it was for Hercules to get in and out of Hades.

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