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Happy Halloween from the Hitchhiking Ghosts of The Haunted Mansion

I was in Magic Kingdom Park this summer with a friend and I asked a common question, “Who is your favorite Disney character?” His reply: “The Hitchhiking Ghosts.”’

I think we all have a soft spot in our hearts for The Hitchhiking Ghosts and their antics in The Haunted Mansion. They make hitching a ride in a Doom Buggy look like a lot of fun.

As a Halloween treat, we wanted to bring you this video that features our not-so-scary specters and a little optical illusion fun. By building the trio out of cardstock-style paper and adding a few well-placed folds, cuts and pieces of transparent tape, The Hitchhiking Ghosts’ heads seem to turn with their eyes following the camera as it moves left and right.

So you can join in the fun in time for Halloween, we’ve even included the pattern that you can print out and try at home. There are a few sizes available to print, depending on your printer and choice of paper size.

Hitchhiking Ghost #1 Hitchhiking Ghost #2 Hitchhiking Ghost #3
8.5″x11″ 8.5″x11″ 8.5″x11″
8.5″x14″ 8.5″x14″ 8.5″x14″
13″x9″ 13″x9″ 13″x9″

Happy haunting!

Be sure to check out the terms of use before you download.


  • Missed these for this year, but I’ve saved them for next Halloween. It wil be fun to add a little Disney to our Halloween display. The Haunted Mansion is our family’s favorite attraction!!!

    • Great to hear, Lorie. Like you and your family, I always look forward to a Doom Buggy ride when I am in the Magic Kingdom.

  • This was the perfect activity for my baby’s first Halloween! She can’t wait to meet the ghosts “in-person”!!!

    • That’s super, Tommy. I hope her first Haunted Mansion experience is a great one. As you know, “there’s always room for one more…”

  • Awesome project! Thanks for putting this out there Gary!

    • So happy you enjoyed it, Charito!

  • This is a fabulous treat on Halloween. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Paul, Jackie & AnnMarie: Happy to share these. I am so glad you liked the video and get a chance to create our ghostly pals from the patterns.

  • This is FABULOUS!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  • Thank you! What a great trick AND treat with this video and the ones to print. Great stuff

  • Printed and one is complete. So awesome!

    • Awesome! Hope you get a chance to make the whole trio.

  • Thank you so much….my kids (and Ill admit “Me Too” even as an adult!) love these kinds of things…

    • Thanks Robert. Let us know how they turn out if you and your kids construct them.

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