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Indiana Family’s Love for Disney Parks Grows – Literally – with a Unique Set of Mickey Mouse Crop Circles

While I enjoy experiencing the magic and wonder of our theme parks and resorts, I especially enjoy talking to our guests and hearing stories of how a little “Disney magic” pixie-dusts their own lives.

I met Steve Hood on October 1 during the Walt Disney World Resort 40th Anniversary ceremony in Magic Kingdom Park. Arriving early to the park that day, Steve had a front-row seat for the ceremony. As fellow cast members and I chatted with him, we soon learned that he and his family have a very special tribute to Mickey Mouse in their backyard in central Indiana.

Steve Hood and Family's Tribute to Mickey Mouse at Their Central Indiana Home

Cut into the lush grass in the field behind the family home is the familiar silhouette of Walt Disney’s favorite character. Steve said he mowed these giant circles into the field about three years ago (approximately when this photograph was taken) and reports that it is still growing and flourishing. A friend then piloted Steve and his family members in a plane so Steve could capture this image.

In fact, look closely into the larger Mickey Mouse silhouette and you’ll spot a smaller, green one. Steve said that was the first Mickey Mouse head he mowed before deciding to create the larger tribute. (You might even call that first one a “Hidden Mickey” in this very unique set of crop circles.)

Steve first visited Magic Kingdom Park in 1979. “I have been hooked since,” he said, “and it was really something to see all the parks and Walt Disney World Resort grow into what it is today.” He, his wife and their five children now visit as often as they can, but between visits they can get a little pixie-dusted by just walking out on the back porch. “Having this Mickey in our field is one way we can keep Disney in our lives every day, even over 1,000 miles away.”

Do you have any special reminders in or around your home that can bring those pixie-dusted feelings to you and your family? If so, please let us know in the comments.


  • Sure do. I have a photo of Spaceship Earth that I use for my BlackBerry wallpaper.

  • You sure it wasn’t aliens?

  • This makes me want to go out and buy some land. What fun they most have out there. I’m going to have to watch the topiary videos again and try something new.

  • Our Hidden Mickeys come out at Christmastime. My aunt has handpainted ornaments for everyone in our family, including me. They are everyday Christmas scenes you might see in a Thomas Kinkade painting, but with a special (and tiny) twist. There’s a Hidden Mickey in each one!

  • This is great! We’ve done something similar (albeit much smaller). For each of our three kids we have put stencils on the wall of their bedrooms. Somewhere in one of the stencils in each room there is a hidden Mickey!

    • That sounds great. Do you challenge guests to your home to find the Hidden Mickeys?

  • Wonderful!! Steve is a true Disney fan. Now all we need are the Google Earth coordinates…

    • Luis,
      Unfortunately, Steve reports that the last Google Earth imagery update to his area was prior to the field being cut into the Mickey Mouse shape, so it is not represented there. The Disney Parks Blog might be the only place online to see it, so we are very happy we can share Steve’s story with our readers.

  • Very cool! I have mickey mouse platys’ in my fish tank on my desk. They are beautifully colored and have the familiar Mickey icon in black on their tails! I can’t help but smile every time I see them!

    • Kassi,
      That is terrific. I have to admit my knowledge of aquarium fish is rather thin, so I searched for images of the type of platy you have. I was amazed to see Mickey’s silhouette represented on their tails in the photos. That must be fun to see them swimming around all day with a subtle reminder to our favorite Mouse pal.

  • Very cool! If my backyard was bigger, it’ll be interesting and funny to mow a giant Mickey Mouse head so I can happily think of Disney everyday!

  • Very cool; I live in Central Indiana and would love to see this. The area looks familiar, so I’m thinking I don’t live far from Steve. If anyway I can find out where he lives, that would be awesome. I’d love to share in the pixie dust by driving by.

  • I wish I knew where so I could confirm but being from Central Indiana, I think I have seen this field!

  • That is awesome!

    We have two very large cut outs in our garage, one of Mickey and one of Minnie hanging on the wall. So every time we come home & when were leaving, we think of Disney!

  • wow that is sooo neat! I love seeing hidden mickeys!

    • Same here, Samantha. And this one is a pretty big Hidden Mickey!

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