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Let Creative Costuming at Walt Disney World Resort Help You Design a Great Halloween Costume

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

I love Halloween, and if you were one of the attendees at our recent Trick-or-Tweet-Up, you likely spotted our entire team dressed in costume. Tom Smith was dressed as Indiana Jones, I represented the Roaring ’20s in a flapper costume, and Gary Buchanan appeared in his own homemade Disney turkey leg getup.

If you’re still debating what to be this Halloween, check out this video, in which Creative Costuming’s Glen Howard and his team give insider tips on how to create a great pirate Halloween costume using only thrift store clothing and art supplies.


  • We were at the party on Sunday and I made my boy’s costumes – my 8 year old was Phineas. I used a yellow t-shirt and made stripes with orange duck tape, blue cargo shorts and his tennis shoes. I used orange hairspray to make the spikes in the back of his hair, and he carried a small stuffed Perry. He received so many compliments! My 2-year old loves Little Einsteins, so he was Leo. I used his tennis shoes, orange shorts and a black t-shirt with the orange stripe also with the same duck tape. I had some old round-rimmed glasses that I took the lenses out of and wrapped in green pipe cleaners. They were so cute, and best of all, original in a sea of Princesses, Woodys and Buzzes and cool in shorts! I also wish Disney would license Phineas and Ferb costumes, a huge missed opportunity, there has to be some reason why.

  • The video showing how to create a pirate costume is great motivation for students to design their own costumes. The animal characters designed by Julie Taymor for the stage production of The Lion King are also great inspirations for innovative costume ideas. October is a great time to teach costume design in schools.

  • I was always amazed to see the workings of the costume department at MGM in WDW on the backlot tour. One of my favorite things. This halloween we’re going to WDW to the MNSSHP and my 7 yr old nephew wants to be Agent P from Phineas & Ferb, well, as you can imagine since it’s a boys costume, Disney doesn’t make anything nor are the three boys costumes they do make appropriate for Florida weather. They’re all too hot. So I am making it myself. I’ve already purchased teal shorts and tshirt and cut out feet from felt that I will attach to the top of his sneakers as well as a tail to be pinned to the back of the shirt. I also purchased a fedora hat. This is such a popular show, so I don’t get why there isn’t a costume.

    I can’t tell you how many times over the years we’ve been down to WDW for the halloween party and I’ve had to tell him he couldn’t be Lighting McQueen because the costume was too hot. It’s very sad that they are missing this marketing opportunity, but if you wanted a princess costume, they have several styles in each one.

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