Muppets Mayhem on D Street at the Downtown Disney District

Michelle Harker

by , Manager, Event Programming

This fall make sure you take time to get warm and Fozzie! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. As you may know, November 23 marks the return of the ever-lovable and oh, so popular Muppets. Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang return to theaters in their newest feature film, Disney “The Muppets.” I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days.

Muppets Mayhem T-Shirts at D Street in the Downtown Disney District

In celebration of the release of this highly anticipated film, Noah along with two of his favorite collaborative artists, Dez Einswell and Jon Chase, will bring these amazing characters to life on an array of clothing, original and limited edition artwork, skate decks and Vinylmation.

The Muppets have impacted each one of us, in different ways. Growing up, I think we can all remember watching the show, laughing at the characters, their jokes, mannerisms and even the music. I was chatting with Noah just the other day about this new collection and I think he summed it up best. “Being given the unique opportunity to bring such nostalgic, everlasting characters to life, for others to enjoy, was Muppet Mayhem at its best. All three of us have incredible creative outlets in art, apparel and toys. At the heart of each is art and storytelling, which is also the core of Noah Fine Art Collective. This collection embraces that philosophy and allowed each of us to celebrate our favorite characters, and showcase them in non-traditional formats, all while staying true to the personalities of each character and each artist.”

Noah Working on Muppets Mayhem Artwork

This program will make its debut at D Street in the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, to a limited number of invited guests on November 17. We welcome everyone to come out for the public launch on Friday, Nov. 18, when artists Noah, Dez and Jon will be on hand for demonstrations and signings. Be sure to check for details and appearance times.

Wondering what other Muppets merchandise you should add to your “must have” list … I can definitely recommend the new film soundtrack, officially called “The Muppets.” With well-known favorites and all-new songs recorded by The Muppets and cast, it’s destined to be a classic! Look for it at select Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort merchandise locations starting November 21.

Are you excited to see the film and this trendy new take on Muppets merchandise?

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  • Eric, one more thing;

    You REALLY need to read the Junior novelization of the movie, it will make all of your worries go away.

  • Hi Missy..I saw Animal Mickey ears yesterday at the hat shop on main street yesterday when I was at Disneyland. I think someone said they were the vinalmation editions. I actually thought about that one to add to my hat collection..It was real cute!!

  • …By the way, to get back on topic; I love those shirts. 🙂

  • I agree Philip, I have a feeling that most of those articles are highly exaggerated and are just trying to make waves.

    As a life-long Muppet fan, I am going to see the film when it comes out.

  • Eric, those “grumbles from the performers” are completely non-existant. Those are just lies made up by gossip mongers to try and get attention.

    I think we should just ignore them, refrain from worrying and go see the movie when it comes out anyway.

  • …Ultimately, I don’t care what anyone says, judging from the scenes that were screened at the D23 Expo, this new Muppet movie WILL have a classic Muppet feel.

    The naysayers can say whatever they want, but when the movie comes out, and people see it, all of the grumbling will stop.

  • Eric, you cannot speak for ALL Muppet fans, you can only speak for yourself.

  • I was lucky enough to attend the Walt Disney Studios presentation at the D23 Expo and got to see two clips from the new movie.

    The clips were great and felt like the classic Muppet films! 🙂

  • Eric–

    The anonymous people that have been saying things on the movie blogs have not see the film, they are merely reacting to early scripts and out of context clips in trailers.

    I prefer to be cautiously optimistic.

  • Eric–
    I am also a big Muppet fan from the beginning. I have faith in Jason Segal. (He is also a big Muppet fan from way back)
    Incidentally, the Muppets have not really changed too much. The Muppets have been making mild bathroom related jokes as way back as The Great Muppet Caper and even in The Muppets Take Manhattan. That is a fact, I’m not making that up.

    Both Steve Whitmire and and Eric Jacobson (performers of Kermit and Miss Piggy) are really excited about the film (This has been documented by a fan who meet them at the D23 Expo, I would give the link, but I can’t post the link here)

    I prefer to be cautiously optimistic.

  • The Muppets are great. Gotta stop by D Street for my Animal shirt. By the way – the event on the 17th is for D23 Members only.

  • Just wondering, I no longer live in California and I’m a huge Muppet fan and collector. Would it be possible to order from the D-Street shop over the phone or online? I love this new Muppet stuff. Thanks.
    Jim H.

    • Hi Jim! As I mentioned in my response to Bernadette just a few seconds ago, I would call Merchandise Guest Services at 877-560-6477 or e-mail them at beginning on November 21st to inquire about remaining quantities after the event. Happy Muppett Mayhem Shopping!

  • I love Noah’s work!
    How do I get on the invite list for November 17? 😉 LOL

    • Louie, as Elaine mentioned below, the event on Nov. 17 is for D23 Members. If you check out there is a link on the site that will take you to the D23 page, to tell you more.

  • I LOVE Beeker and Animal!!! I’ll be at the parks before and after this showing, and LOVE Noah’s work!!! Saw some of his stuff at D23 Convention… WANT sooo bad!!!! Anyway, Would love one or some of these tee’s, will I be able to order them directly online, or via phone??? Thanks

    • Hello Bernadette! I would recommend calling Merchandise Guest Services at 877-560-6477 or e-mail them at beginning on November 21st to inquire about remaining quantities after the event. Hope that helps!

  • I’ve been a core Muppet fan from way back, but to answer your question, I’m, um…not looking excited toward the movie, thanks. (Let’s just say we don’t see any Jason Segel t-shirts.)
    After some of the grumbles we’ve been hearing from the performers, I agree, it’s better to keep the classic Muppets as WE remember them.

  • Very cool!

    I love the Muppets. 🙂

  • Hey, I see Noah’s art is premiering in California? Will it be available for purchase at the Orlando D-Street as well? I am a huge Muppet fan and don’t want to miss out!

    • Hey Keith! You are in luck! We’ll actually have some of the items on hand at D Street at the Walt Disney World Resort in late November, as well.

  • I would love it if they would come out with “Animal” Mouse Ears and “Miss Piggy” Mouse Ears!!

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