Paris Hilton Visits Disneyland Paris

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

Paris Hilton Celebrates Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Look at who made a surprise visit to Disneyland Paris this week. Paris Hilton and some of her friends celebrated Halloween early at the park with Cruella De Vil, Maleficent and the Evil Queen after Disney’s Maleficious Halloween Party. During Paris’ visit, she also enjoyed a few attractions, including the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Here is another shot from our friends at Disneyland Paris.

Paris Hilton Celebrates Halloween at Disneyland Paris


  • She fits right in with the villains. I don’t think she merits Disney celebrity status.

  • I hope Paris had a magical day and enjoyed the friendly carefree accepting attitude of all the cast members. Everyone has a child in them, and it is wonderful to see Paris letting her inner child run free. The photo of Paris with the evil and wicked characters is great… A real sisterhood!

  • I agree with Bruno

  • Disney is all about happiness and magic, never about prejudjements.

  • Bonjour, Paris Hilton might not be the best example for kids but does every celebrity have to be a role model? It really is up to you, the parent, to teach your kids about morales, values or good and evil, what would a (Disney)fairy tale be without an Evil Queen or Cruella? I really hope Paris had a magical time at my home park…

    ‘You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.’
    Walt Disney

  • Disneyland Paris is absolutely the most beautiful of the Disneylands, but seeing pictures of Paris Hilton there sullies the beauty of that park.

  • Ahhh…but Maleficent looks GREAT!!

  • Hey everyone – all the comments encouraged me to start an account so I could comment – I really understand the whole Paris Hilton thing but it is all about Paris and Paris. But really gets get honest about those AMAZING characters – they look so Great! and they are sooooo in Character. It’s all about the horns baby!

  • Agree with Paul, why would Disney celebrate a person who is many famous for all the bad reasons

  • I agree with Paul from NY. She should not be highlighted by Disney. Bad call.

  • Totally agree with Paul. I can’t think of anyone more un “Disney” than Paris Hilton. Uggggh…I hope she bought that stuff and it wasn’t given to her!

  • I would not completely defend ALL that Paris does, but you have to realize that she is also a business woman. I’m sure we’ve all done things when we were young that we’ve regretted. She is in the limelight, so all that she does is magnified in the MSM. She owns a company that hires on many people, although Occupy Paris probably ignores this. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris before, but I’m sure it’s changed alot since the mid-90’s! I wish her well in her business ventures and hope she enjoys her stay at… The Paris Hilton?

  • I completely agree with Paul from NY.

  • Why, why, why would you celebrate this? This woman is the exact opposite of everything we hope our kids aspire to be. Please do not be boasting about the fact that this particular “celebrity” (famous for nothing other than having a rich family and making a very family-unfriendly video) is in the Disney Parks. Nothing could be worse to show young people.

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