Restaurant Changes on Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Park

Carnation Café at Disneyland Resort

We love it when our favorite spots expand, and as Erin posted in August, there are some big changes coming for Main Street, U.S.A., in 2012. Here’s what you can look for:

The Blue Ribbon Bakery is moving and getting a new name: Jolly Holiday Bakery Café, from the “Mary Poppins” song, “Oh, it’s a jolly holiday with Mary …” The bakery moves to the Plaza Pavilion (at the top of Main Street, U.S.A.) with plans to open in early January. In addition to the bakery and espresso offerings, the new menu has some delicious new tastes, such as an Angus roast beef salad with blue cheese; a Caprese sandwich with tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella, basil, butter lettuce and garlic aioli on toasted focaccia bread; and a classic pastrami reuben on rye.

Carnation Café is expanding with more indoor seating – the Blue Ribbon Bakery move is part of that expansion plan, as Carnation Café spreads out to take over the space and offer more air-conditioned seating. Work starts in January, and they’ll have a new menu that will showcase longtime favorites (and we’ve heard it includes milkshakes).

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor is getting a little makeover, too, and adding root beer, Coca-Cola and orange cream floats to the menu. And the block makeover wraps up at Refreshment Corner – construction starts early next year. Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for details.


  • How exciting! Definitely looking forward to the new changes 🙂 The food already sounds delicious. Thanks for offering an assortment of more delicious food 🙂

  • I am happy that the Carnation Cafe is finally being used for something other than something I need to pass through to get out of Fantasyland. 🙂

  • I’m excited for these changes! Will there still be the ragtime piano players at Refreshment Corner?

  • I had hear that the Carnation Café would be moving into the Blue Ribbon Bakery space and I was worried that the Blue Ribbon Bakery would be going away entirely. I’m so happy that’s not the case! The Blue Ribbon Bakery is always our first stop in the morning for coffee and a pastry for breakfast, and the sandwiches they have are delicious, too! I’m looking forward to seeing what the Jolly Holiday Bakery has in store for us in January.

  • Hope that Oscar will still be there, welcoming guests with that wonderful smile of his.

  • SO excited that the Plaza Pavilion will be used as a restaurant again! And super excited about the Carnation expanding! It is by far our favorite place to eat at the park. Last time we were there, we were lucky enough to talk with Oscar. What a sweetheart =)This sound like a good move all around.

  • I am very excited about the Carnation Cafe expansion! I always thought that for a popular spot it didn’t have very much seating. Can’t Wait!

  • What about them mac & cheese hot dogs with bacon bits?

  • This is going to be so great. the Bakery was so small and crowed most of the time that we would pass it by. Now in the hub, it will be a great place to sit and relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Does anyone know if Mary Poppins be doing any visiting/singing at the Jolly Holiday Bakery? Will the Bakery be totally themed in Mary Poppins? I sure hope so!!

  • Vegetarian/vegan friendly options, please!

  • Excitedly looking forward to the new additions. Indoor seating will be welcomed and the Jolly Holiday Bakery is going to beautiful.

  • Very exciting! Its always great when the park restaurant locations get freshened up.

  • Love the Blue Ribbon Bakery. The new additions sound awesome.

  • I hope that means Casey’s Corner will still be around. I am not a big hot dog fan but I always get one at Casey’s and enjoy listening to Jim on the piano playing old favorites. 🙂

  • This is great news! My husband and I look forward to eating at the Carnation Cafe, we will be there again next month. My husband loves the kids macaroni and cheese and hot dog, has no problem ordering from the kids menu, either. We come back during the afternoon or evening for banana split or sundaes, a real treat, and someone always takes our picture. We are in our 60’s, you don’t have to be a kid at all to enjoy it.

  • As long as Carnation doesn’t touch the Loaded Baked Potato soup, I’m good with all of this.

  • It doesn’t seem clear whether the Gibson Girl is currently open. We are coming in three weeks and a nightly stop for ice cream is a family tradition. Will it be open?

  • I’m looking forward to these changes/additions/updates!!!!!

  • Bring back Fantasia ice cream! Pleeeease!!!

  • Please bring back the Meatloaf Stack the way it used to be made. It’s currently a shadow of it’s former self. It used to be my favorite thing to eat in the park and now I just get the Croissant Club instead. I really miss my Meatloaf Stack. 🙁

  • Ditto on the “better not mess with the Loaded Baked Potato Soup!”

  • I’m so pleased that Carnation Cafe is expanding with indoor seating once again. Will it be closing while the renovation takes place?

  • Just please, please, please keep the Cinnamon Roll French Toast on the menu at Caration Cafe! A trip to Disneyland just wouldn’t be the same without it!

  • Orange Cream Floats!?! That sounds like it will be replacing Dole Whip Floats for my favorite ice cream treat in the park!

  • It would make me sooooo happy if they would bring back famtasmic ice cream. I know that it was an original flavor of carnation and now they have dreyers. It was the only place you coulg get it and it was soooo good.

  • As Long as Oscar is there, I’m good, everytime I’m there, I eat an early lunch on the day I leave, its a tradition and I get to “chat” with Oscar, I have so many pics with him, he is just a joy… he had indicated when I was there in Aug— he wasn’t sure what he will do during the “transformation” time, I said as long as you come back… xoxoxo

  • I wish someone would make the old Captain Hooks Chicken of the Sea Tuna Burger again? Carnation always had good hot chocklate on a cold night.

  • So glad to see that they have a vegetarian sandwich too.

  • I just spent a couple of days at Disney with my 3 year old and had a “magical” time! It has been several years since I had been to Disney and I was hoping that the food choices would have changed a little bit. Nice to see apples slices offered with meals though disappointed that healthier food options were few and far between (too many hamburgers and french fries, processed mac and cheese and frozen/processed PB&J sandwiches). Any plans to try and provide healthier, fresh food options and less processed foods? While on vacation, we certainly want to indulge and have some sweets and treats though it is also nice when you are spending several days at the park to not have to carry food with you and to be able to have options to chose from. Refreshing to see that the Blue Ribbon Bakery will be offering some healthier options (e.g., Caprese salad) and I hope these type of options will continue to spread throughout the park especially to the character dining which is void of nutrition.

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