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RSVP Now for Special Annual Passholder Event at Disneyland Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

UPDATE 10/13 4:30 pm: If your name was on the list of confirmed attendees for the 10/17 event, you should have received a confirmation email. If you have questions, please call 714-781-4567 for assistance.

UPDATE 10/5 4:30 pm: This event is now full on both dates, and RSVPs are no longer being accepted. The confirmation lists and emails will be available soon. We appreciate your patience! Remember that emails sent to the RSVP address will not be answered – if you have questions, please check the comments on this post. If we have not already responded to a question similar to yours, please leave your question in the comments and we will do our best to answer.

UPDATE 10/5 9:30 am: Registration for 10/12 is now closed! There is still availability for 10/17, so please send in your RSVP now if you haven’t done so yet. Please be sure to read the directions below carefully, as incomplete RSVPs will not be accepted. We will be sending emails to confirmed guests shortly, as well as posting the list of attendees on the Disney Parks Blog as soon as possible.

UPDATE 10/4 9:30 am: Please note that this event is for active Annual Passholders only. Each registration will be valid for you and up to three other Annual Passholders, not including children under the age of 3. If your group has more than 4 people and multiple adults (over the age of 18), we recommend submitting enough RSVPs to accommodate your entire party size.

UPDATE 10/3 3:15 pm: We’ve received a lot of great questions in the comments. If you have questions about this event, please check our responses below to see if we’ve answered your question. If not, please leave your questions in the comments and we’ll try to answer them.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at Disneyland Park

As a special “thank you,” the Disneyland Resort is inviting members of our Annual Passholder family to experience an exclusive evening of fun and magic in Disneyland park. Join us Wednesday, Oct. 12, or Monday, Oct. 17, from 8 p.m. until midnight for a special, private performance of Mickey’s Soundsational Parade featuring:

  • An up-close look at the parade floats.
  • Meet-and-greet photo opportunities with some favorite Disney Characters.
  • The chance to enjoy select attractions, stores and restaurants in Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Main Street, U.S.A.

Space is limited, so please RSVP now. To RSVP for you and up to three Annual Passholder guests, email Disney.Special.Activities.Event.Services@disney.com and follow these directions carefully:

  • All guests who RSVP for the event must be 18 years or older and active Annual Passholders on the day of the event. Additionally, your guests must also be active Passholders on the day of the event, but do not need to be 18 years or older.
  • Valid RSVPs must include:
    1. “RSVP” in the subject line
    2. In the body of the email:
      • Your first and last name
      • Preferred date (i.e., October 12, October 17 or “either night”)
      • 18-digit AP barcode
  • All RSVPs will be for the person who responded plus up to three guests.
  • Incomplete RSVPs will not be accepted.
  • Valid photo I.D. will be required at check-in.

We will send an email to those who send their valid RSVP before we reach capacity to confirm their attendance for October 12 or 17. Depending on your email settings, you may not receive the confirmation email, so we recommend that you also check the Disney Parks Blog to find the list of attendees. We will give an update at the top of this post that will include a link to the list of names of all confirmed attendees. If you do not receive an email from us confirming your reservation and your name does not appear on the list of attendees, your RSVP was not accepted.

Confirmed guests may arrive beginning at 12 p.m. to check in on the day of the event. Please note the event is subject to change or cancellation.

You must be at least 18 years old to RSVP for this event, but your guests may be younger. You and each of your guests (up to 3) must be a valid Annual Passholder on the day of the event. Valid Photo I.D. may be required at check-in. Each event date has limited capacity and is subject to availability. The event is subject to change or cancellation.


  • HI Guys a question to those who have already attented…or whoever can help me..i got a confirmation for the 17th what time is the latest we can check in we all have work until 3:00?? do we have to check in at 12pm?

  • I don’t get it, why is the list gone already?? Can’t even see it.

  • HELP! My friend who RSVPd to the 17th and got an invite was supposed to bring me and 2 other people, now she has been scheduled to work and can’t go!!! I understand you need ID for check it, but if we’re not her, can we still check in for her with her invite? (argh i’m so FRUSTRATED!!!)

  • I did not receive an email but my name is on the list. Can we get there during the day and visit both parks then check in later? What time can we get there to check in?

  • @Erin Glover: What if we RSVP’d (Seemingly early enough) for the 17th but our name doesn’t appear on the list? Do we now assume that we didn’t get in early enough?

  • I’m with Adam and Wendy I sent my email the first day and still didn’t get picked. I know someone who was selected and she had emailed you after me. Was this chosen by random? I love disney and love to keep up with the blogs so I’m a little hurt I wasn’t select for this..

  • Pretty upset about not making the list. I submitted the first day and double checked to make sure I put in the correct info. I even said either date. How are the names chosen?


    Congrats to all the other 10/12 invitees and to the 10/17 invitees… You’re in for one heck of an amazing treat! (If anyone has two extra invites for Monday, let me know!)

    We got in a little later—around 8:30—thanks to a friend who was stuck in a business meeting, but still had a blast! We first hit the rides in Tomorrowland, then dessert during the Soundsational parade—such a different vibe at night!—followed by some Fantasylanding, then took photos with the floats and characters. Skipped the discussion panel, but sounds like that was pretty interesting.

    If we would’ve had our group together earlier for check-in and whatnot, probably would have hit the rides earlier, then did discussion panel as well, but oh well.

    To Erin, Disney PR & Marketing, whoever had a part in putting this event together, THANK YOU!!!

  • It was so much fun! Peter Pan’s Flight is 10x better with a 5 minute wait 😀 The Star Tours ride is a lot more fun too with a very animated crowd! I hope they continue to do these events so more people can experience them. Wonderful!

  • Thank you so much for a fantastic event! If the people I was with had been willing to stay a bit later (we left just after 11:00) I would have loved to sit in on that panel. Still, we had a wonderful time watching the parade, extremely short waits for rides–too short for Star Tours, no time to enjoy the queue–and the close-up views of the floats. We had so much fun!

  • OMG! I went to the event last night; amazing! I’m so glad they had it! I’m a new Annual Passholder and all I can say is that if Disneyland keeps having these events, I’ll absolutely buy another pass next year. Seriously , ONE of the BEST TRIPS EVER!!!!!!

  • Just got home from this fantastic AP event and just wanted to say thank you!! I loved seeing the Soundsational parade at night. I was thrilled with all the extras that went into this event: the Q&A with the creators of the floats, the special treats like the free cupcakes and special pizza made for the night, having E-ticket rides available with barely a wait, getting up close to those beautiful floats and getting pictures with so many characters. And a highlight of the night for me was getting to spend time with Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily one on one. They took time to show me original paper models, talk about the details of the floats, tell back stories about them, and posed for pictures. My family and I were just delighted with everything. Thank you again. Truly a magical night!

  • Wow, what an awesome event!!! Thank you, Erin, and your team for organizing this. It’s stuff like this that makes us, as annual passholders, feel pretty special. I loved being able to take pictures with the floats and the castmembers. Thank you, again!

  • I got in for the event on October 17th and have 3 spots available. Would hate for them to go to waste.

  • We had a great time at this event on 10/12. Thanks a lot.

  • 🙁 I’m just finding out about this. My family and I will be staying at the Grand Californian this weekend and all 4 of us are AP holders. I’m curious, was an email sent out or did you all find out on this website? So Bummed. Oct. 17th is our last night in the park.

  • YES! I made it on the list! Just became a pass holder only a month ago and am already attending my first event!

  • Hello Erin,

    I am on the confirmation list and I am 18 years old and attend Mt. SAC. I have a college I.D. but it does not have my birth date on it, so I walk around holding my I.D. from my senior year in high school since that one has my birth date on it (mm/dd/yyyy). Is this okay since I do not have a valid, government issued photo I.D.??


    • Melanie – please call 714-781-4567 for information on which forms of ID will be accepted at the event.

  • Thanks Bunches! This is so appreciated. =D

  • I want them Frankie, how do I get in touch with you and thanks!

  • Sad ;^( was hoping to go and yes got in my e-mail right away 1st day. Was it picked via lottery? Any chance of a stand by line as I bet quite a number just entered to enter and won’t show. Ah well, be at halloween party the next night

  • Saw my name on the confirmation list and got my email too!! We’re so excited! This is the first AP event we’ve been able to attend because the rest have been conflicting dates for us. I can’t wait! For those attending tonight…any special surprises in store for us? Thanks Erin and your staff for all the great work putting this event together! It will surely be memorable!

  • Yess!!!! I got in for the 17th! Coming up from San Diego, see you guys there!! Those that are going tonight please post any tips or reviews. Thanks Erin!

  • Leanne…I have three extra tickets…

  • just got my confirmation email YAY!!!!

    what sorts of special menu items are there going to be?

  • I am bummed. Anyone on the list that would like to take a family of three from Colorado? We would love to join you and would be happy to meet you for this event.

  • WHOOO HOOO!! Made the List and received the email !! Thanks Disney

  • Oh yeah I got my confirmation email and I’m on the list for Oct 17 event thank U

  • I just want to confirm that all who were selected to attend this event are allowed to bring up to 3 guests and that it was not mandatory for us to state the number of guests coming nor their names or pass numbers.

    • That is correct, Julie. Each confirmed attendee may bring up to 3 Annual Passholder guests, and you weren’t required to state your guests’ names in your RSVP.

  • YEAH…THE LIST IS FINALLY OUT!! Im on it…woohoo! I called before my email confirmation arrived and they couldnt find any of my party on the list eventhough they were all confirmed, so after I received the email, the cast member and I assume that there is something wrong with the list that they have to look up the confirmation, so the cast member was gonna have the “list master” look into this problem.


    See you guys on the 17th!

  • How are names chosen? I sent my email the first day put either night and still did not get in. Other people seemed to have gotten their entire family, neighbors, and friends in. Seems a little odd. Not the happiest place on earth right now. Very sad.

  • List is out now for the 17th! And i’m on it! So excited to be able to attend my first Annual Passholder event!

  • I just found out about it on another website. Was an e-mail sent out directly to the AP holders to announce this event? If so, I didn’t receive one and based on some of the comments that are appearing here — I don’t think I’m alone. If not, why not? I think it’d be better to send out messages like this directly to us. Not everyone keeps up on these blogs, etc.

  • Any idea yet when the list for the 17th will be posted?

  • I’m dying to know about the 17th too. I have tickets for the Halloween Party on the 18th and a hotel room for that night. If I am selected for the event on the 17th I need to change my hotel reservation and only have 1 more day to do it. Hoping, Hoping, Hoping….

  • Ah this is killin’ me! Trying to be patient, but I can’t wait to see the list for the 17th! it’s only five days away!!!!!!

    Besides my impatience, thanks again for this opportunity. Really hope I made the list!

    PS Erin, I want you job! My dream is to be a PR rep for Disney!

  • Didn’t think of that Nicholas … If my RSVP is accepted, I’ll need to make arrangements of leaving work early if I can as soon as possible. Earlier the better usually in getting time off.

  • The questions about CM’s being eligible seems odd to me. I mean, don’t they get CM events? I suspect they are a bit more interesting than what annual passholders are invited to as well. I guess I don’t understand the idea of a CM taking a AP holder spot…

  • Leaving soon for L.A. would love to know if I am confirmed for the 17th….please???…lol

  • I’m with Julie – can we get an idea of when the Oct. 17 list will be posted? I need to arrange to leave work early if I got in and I am running out of time to do so.

  • Will anyone want to meet me at the parks entrance to check in??!! So I could go with my kids and husband and friends from tucson to this party. Please, please, please!!! I’m never able to go to this events because we are not in california when they happen and now that I’m here everyone that is traveling with us made it except for me 🙁 Please help

  • I know there are a few days left of this week … But I was a little curious as to when the list might be posted for October 17th’s date?

  • Feeling like a kid on Christmas eve…

  • Hi Erin,

    I submitted my RSVP for the Oct 17th event last week. On Sunday, the 9th, we visited the park and renewed our annual passes which now has a different number than the pass used in the RSVP. Will this have an impact?

    Thank you

    • Hi Jorge – As long as you present a valid Annual Passport, you will be ok.

  • help i have a family emergency and i have to take my 73 old mother to the airport, is there any way i can change my date from tonight to the 17th

  • Are we going to see the list for the 17th anytime soon? We leave on Thursday and I’d really love to know if we made it since I won’t have internet access once we leave. Thanks!!!

  • why are only some parts of the park open during the event? will we able to ride the attractions in adventureland and frontierland?

  • I kind of wish it had been limited to one entry per household or something, it’s kind of foolish that some people got multiple spots on the list and don’t even have enough people to fill all of those spots.

  • boo.. i just saw this .grrrrrrrrrrrr… i wanted to go…

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