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Which Walt Disney World Resort Attraction is the Scariest?

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Happy Halloween!

In honor of this day of tricks and treats, we headed out to the parks to ask our guests which attraction they think offers the most spine-tingling thrills at Walt Disney World ResortThe Haunted Mansion or The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. One attraction offers a ride through a spooky “swinging wake,” while the other takes guests on a heart-pumping plunge into the fifth dimension.

Which do you think they chose? See for yourself.


  • I thought the dinosaurs were cool. I like stuff roaring in my face, so it really wasn’t scary.

  • Going with the childhood fear of the Haunted Mansion. The slow moving ride through the graveyard and the long hallway, gets me every time. Especially when they were testing out a cast member walking around in a suit of armor. I never screamed so loud.

  • TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR!!!! It has a way scarier storyline. The Haunted Mansion, which is my fav, is more campy… which is why I love it SOOOO much!

  • Dinosaur. By far. When I was a CP (Jan 2010-June 2010) My friends and I made it a point to ride EVERY ride in all of WDW. The first time we went ever hung out in the parks, we went to Animal Kingdom, mainly for Mount Everest. We decided to go on Dinosaur, because you know, dinos are cool. I never screamed that much in my entire life. I went on that ride a grand total of 27 times my CP program, and I screamed like a little girl 27 times.

  • Dinosaur! I have never been so genuinely scared than when that Carnotaurus ran along side the Time Rover… oy. That was FREAKY how real it felt!!

  • Well, let’s see. The scariest ride I went on was Dinosaur, but it didn’t scare me much. I was in line for Haunted Mansion, but didn’t go on. I didn’t even consider the Tower of Terror, because of what the guidebooks said, so I’m going to say Tower of Terror.

  • The old Alien Encounter got me everytime. When the creature would breath down your neck. Need I say more…..

  • For some kids it may be seeing Mickey Mouse be 5 feet tall instead of 5 inches, but for me, as a kid I believed the fire was real in Pirates of the Caribbean, and fire scared me. Haunted Mansion scared me because the Cast Members scared me. Space Mountain scared me because coasters scared. Thank goodness I grew out if it and love it all now!!!

  • Extra-terrestrial encounter!! Now that was a dark ride, much better then chili dog burps.

  • The Tower of Terror is scarrier than the Haunted Mansion. The ride that is Buzz Lightyear now use to be the scariest ride of all. I think it was the Extra”terror”restrial, or something like that. The first time I went on it with my then 11 year old son, we were scared and loved it. Of course it was just minutes before the park closed and the last ride of the day after the parade. My husband had taken our 2 other sons back to the hotel room. We really enjoyed it and had a blast getting scared. Now my oldest son is 26 and our kids still enjoy going to Disney as often as possible. We’ve spent 6 after christmas vacations there and can’t wait for the next one.

    • I think you’re talking about Alien Encounter, and yes, that WAS scary!

  • Neither ride scares me or my kids infact when my daughter was small– we would go into the Haunted Mansion so she would take a nap.. It never scared her at all… Now neither one likes Tower or Terror. But the one that scares me the most is Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom. OMG I can’t ride this ride with out having the begeebers scared out of me.

    • I think DINOSAUR is terrifying. I always have my eyes closed when they take the photo in the middle of the ride.

  • While The Haunted Mansion is my favorite spooky ride at Walt Disney World, I would have to say that The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror gets my spine-tingling! Each drop gets my blood pumping and my heart racing, and you never know how many times your service elevator will be dropped. 😀 The Haunted Mansion offers more of a relaxing trip through the boundless realm of the supernatural.

    Happy Halloween!
    Bob “Pumpkin Jack”

    • They’re both scarier in totally different ways.

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