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With the Help of Ocean Spray, Gary Walks Guests Through the Cranberry Bog at Epcot

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Parks

A new feature of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is letting guests get “bogged” down during a visit to the park. (And that’s a good thing!). Our friends at Ocean Spray have brought a cranberry bog display to the event as part of their ongoing commitment to educate consumers about the taste, health and heritage of the cranberry. And it’s quite fitting as we enter the fall season when cranberries are a big part of many family holiday dinners.

Today, our “Cranberry Correspondent” Gary takes a closer look at the bog, chats with Ocean Spray growers and learns how the popular berry is grown and harvested. Watch it all the way through and see how he becomes “immersed,” literally, in this story. The piece also marks the return of “Concerned Bystander” Rob, who always seems to be the “Jiminy Cricket” to Gary’s “Pinocchio” as he explores the parks.


  • I think this is so fantastic. We visited Disney World twice this year, and on our last visit we were wonderfully surprised to find the Werther’s caramel shop in World Showcase. What’s around the corner?

  • Too Funny!

  • Hah! I love these hilarious videos, keep up the good work Gary! Hopefully we see more of these soon. 🙂

    Discussion Kingdom

  • What can you say about Gary, that hasn’t already been said? I love that Rob is back.

    I LOVE cranberries and this is a great treat for those that haven’t been able to get to Massachusetts, to the bogs and to the Ocean Spray plant.

    Keep them coming Gary. He is becoming a blog fixture highlight and that’s a good thing.

  • Love it, Gary! When you told me you went snorkling in the bog, it didn’t surprise me at all. 😉 I loved seeing the cranberry bog a few weeks ago at Epcot. Here in Massachusetts, our kids visit the bogs during the harvest for field trips to learn all about them. I love that countless guests can have the same experience right at Epcot!

  • Gary is becoming quite a comedian. I really enjoy is work. My favorite so far is “Slow Down a Little” in Epcot.

  • LOL! What a fun piece. Thank you brightening my day Gary! 🙂

  • Incredible video! They just keep getting better Gary! 🙂

  • Fun piece! Gary always cracks me up! I enjoyed hearing about the bog when I was there a week and a half ago. Very interesting. I have to say I learned something.

  • Another masterpiece in the Gary oeuvre!

  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…Gary is a NUT! A lovable,funny nut, but a nut. =) I think he may be more Stitch than Pinocchio…with a little dash of Figment imagination thrown in. I envy his job all the same, lol.

    • Funny…well said.

  • My daughter is taking me to DisneyWorld in 30 days. Our first time.So excited!!! Will the bog be there til the end of food and wine festival?

    • Hi Kristi, yes it’ll be there until the end of the Festival. Enjoy your visit.

  • I agree. These vidoes make me laugh. And the bog looks really nice in the middle of the park and so unexpected. Great job to thje Food and Wine Festival! It’s my favorite event every year at Disney World.

  • I am a huge fan of Gary’s hard work and dedication for the Disney Parks team, but I must say, this is his best work to date. Being originally from Massachusetts, having the bog in Epcot is like a little piece of home, as is hearing that wonderful accent from the bog harvester!

    Thanks for the great video, as always!

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