Caption This: Tomorrowland ‘Spacecouple’ at Disneyland Park

George Savvas

by , Director, Public Relations, Disneyland Resort

Guests visiting Tomorrowland in the 1950s and 1960s would encounter a unique original Disneyland character that symbolized Americans’ interest in space exploration. In this rare photo from the summer of 1960, the Tomorrowland “Spaceman” is apparently joined by “Spacewoman.”

So, space explorers, “Caption This!”

Caption This: Tomorrowland ‘Spacecouple’ at Disneyland Park


  • “Just wave, they’ll think we’re part of the parade”

  • You can’t smell the turkey legs because you are wearing a helmet!

  • Such a strange place this is! Their leaders are 2 giant mice and they’ve created assorted miniature kingdoms filled with robots to entertain them. Proceed to Space Mountain to the launch pods. We must alert our planet about this!!

  • Please pick me for Jedi Training Academy!

  • Take me to your churros!

  • “To Infinity and Beyond!!!” (60’s style…)

  • “Did I leave the iron on?”

  • Hey Hon?

    Does this helmet make my head look fat?

  • Daling, what do you think of my latest cellphone? Guaranteed full coverage!

  • Spaceman to space woman: “Who were those people? I couldn’t hear a word they said.”

  • In the future people raise the roof with their hands!

  • That’s right, he said there’s just FIVE minutes of air left in his suit!

  • Space women do have superpowers…. but it sure gets cold up there.

  • “Oh my cheeks hurt! A little breakey? Maybe just a little break..”

  • These nylons are as strong as a space suit! And the hairspray will protect my hair against anything.

  • The ‘port-a-potty’ is calling.. can we PLEAZZZZZ go now?

  • I don’t need a helmet. As you can tell by my cape I’m a Superhero….and no Edna did not design this.

  • Hey you with the koosh…….over here!

  • We come in peace!

  • The funny thing is, with a skirt this short, I could never comfortably ride Space Mountain!

  • “To Beyond and Infinity! No, it still sounds funny.”

  • “The space helmet, hi-tech belt buckle…all necessities for space travel. Not needed for space travel….MY WATCH!”

  • “This space helmet keeps me cootie free!”

  • “Just smile and wave honey, the earthlings will never suspect a thing!”

  • “Why no, these aren’t just cowboy boots painted silver! There’s a big “western” theme going around NASA these days!”

  • “No, this helmet is not for space…I just have really bad breath.”

  • Yes, I get asked that all the time…I don’t know why I need a space helmet and she does not.

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