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Decorating Disney Style for the Holidays

Steven Miller

by , Manager, External Affairs

Decorating Disney Style for the Holidays

As a child, my family had two Christmas trees to decorate for the holidays. One tree was decorated with all kinds of ornaments, while the other tree – found in the front window of our home – was filled with only Disney ornaments. I looked forward to decorating the Disney tree first each year (I guess I always knew I’d work here someday). With the holiday season in full swing, I recently visited the Disney Days of Christmas shop at Downtown Disney Marketplace and MouseGear at Epcot to photograph a few favorite holiday decorations.

Mickey Mouse Nutcracker, Mickey and Minnie Mouse Riding a Reindeer and More Disney Ornaments

In a previous Disney Parks Blog post about new holiday Disney Gift Cards, I mentioned that nutcrackers were a favorite holiday decoration. There is a new Mickey Mouse nutcracker introduced this year that inspired the pins featured on those gift cards. He looks great and Aaron Babcock, product developer for seasonal merchandise, told me that additional styles are coming next year.

Aaron also told me that one of the more popular ornaments this year features Mickey and Minnie Mouse riding a reindeer.

“The ornament with Mickey and Minnie on the reindeer is from the new red and white program,” explained Aaron. “Those colors are popular for the holidays so we built an entire assortment using them. The horse doesn’t have a name nor is he found in any animated shorts. He was specifically drawn by Costa Alavezos from Disney Design Group.”

Decorating Disney Style for the Holidays

Besides the red and white program, the Victorian program returned along with a Bohemian style which Aaron said uses non-traditional holiday colors and is perfect for year-round decorating.

Along with the new Disney Ear Hat ornaments I first told you about in July, Aaron introduced a variety of new three-dimensional character ornaments. These resin ornaments include Pixar characters like my favorites Wall-E and Eve and other classic Disney characters like Cheshire Cat, Jiminy Cricket and Dumbo.

Pixar and Disney Character Ornaments from Disney Parks

But the ornament that I really want won’t be here until fall 2012 – Mickey Mouse as a butler from The Haunted Mansion. Is it too early to start thinking about next year’s holiday decorations?


  • Oh I love the Mickey one, I was so hoping it was going to be there when we go.

  • My son loves Wall-E, but we can never find Wall-E merchandise. I checked the store online, including the park merchandise section, and couldn’t find the Wall-E ornament shown in the pic here. Is it “too” new to be there yet? This is a must have!

    • @Lauralee – I’m happy to hear that you also like the Haunted Mansion ornament!

      @Shena – I checked with the online store team. You are correct in that the current inventory is sold out online. But they may be back in stock (sadly I do not have an ETA for that). The ear hat ornaments are available at Disney Parks. I’ve seen them at multiple locations in Florida.

      @Bobbi – Like the ear hat ornaments, chances are the current inventory is sold out online. Yet, you can find that ornament at Disney Parks or by contacting our Merchandise Guest Services team and referencing this item # – 400000537832.

  • I collect the flat ornaments each year. I started in 1989. I have 18 I am missing 3. I buy the ones that have the year on it. I have been going to Disney every year since 1982. I wish I had started collecting them then. Just picked up 2011 flat ornament at the beginning of November. I love all things Disney. I keep these up all year they are hanging on my family dining area windows They are on the curtain rods for the cafe curtains where I can see them all year.

  • I have seen the earhat ornaments online but they seem to be out of most of them, are they in the parks or just online only?

  • Oops, sorry, I hadn’t refreshed my page yet but I now see the nutcracker is about $25.

    Also wanted to say, WHY must you tease us by showing us the Haunted Mansion ornament so early?! 😉

  • Does anyone know how much the Nutcracker Mickey costs? My great-grandmother collects nutcrackers and I would love to get it for her for Christmas!

  • This is hilarious! A couple of years ago we also started a new tree – the Mickey tree! Although we are still working towards only Mickey ornaments (we have mostly Mickey with a few non-Mickey – but still Disney – ornaments).

    Glad to see we aren’t the only crazy ones!!

    • @Brian – That’s great! Yes, you are not alone. 🙂 My parents just showed me photographs of the Disney tree they decorated this year. It’s taller than I remember as child and the monorail playset is now circling it. I can’t wait to see it in a few weeks!

  • I have to have The Haunted Mansion Mickey..I love it!!!

  • How much are the Disney Nutcrackers and where can I purchase them? My next trip is to CA but it is in January. My son is a nutcracker collector.

    • @Katherine – Using the Merchandise Guest Services number listed above, you may be able to order the nutcracker now. I’m unsure if quantities will still be available in January (as it has been quite popular). Here is the item number – 400004805203. Retail is $24.95. Have a safe trip in January and Happy New Year! 🙂

  • The merchandise is nice for Christmas but I do wish the park would stop “repurposing” merchandise from year to year. There is a lot of the same merchandise from last year this year.
    Also, can we go back to having more porcelain ornaments. Porcelain is so much nicer and classier.
    The Mickey Haunted Mansion Butler does look awesome. I will be adding him to my collection.
    Oh, yeah, the Madam Leotta ornament set that is available is pretty awesome, just wish it were a little less money.

    • @Ricky – I’m glad to hear that you liked it as much as me. There’s always room for one more ornament 🙂

      @Daniel – Thank you for the feedback! I spoke with Aaron about your comment. At Disney Theme Park Merchandise, we strike a balance between new and classic items. We consider several factors – marketplace trends, guest demographics, popularity of a revenue generating items, etc. – when deciding which items to keep or discontinue. We understand that new items are exciting, so a percentage of the assortment each year is new. This year, we introduced several new things like the red and white collection, ear hat ornaments, 3-D character ornaments and the first Mickey Mouse nutcracker. Believe it or not, Aaron is already far down a path for holiday 2012 because it can take a long time for some items to be developed.

  • Mickey as The Haunted Mansion butler – BEST. ORNAMENT. EVER. Why, oh why, must we wait until 2012 for that one? I’ll proudly display it year-round!

    Ricky B

  • Love the old time Christmas decorations like in the first picture of the countdown. We are always looking at ways to put a Disney spin on all our holidays! Happy Holiday’s everyone!

  • The countdown to Christmas figurine looks awesome! Do you know if that is sold online?

    • @Jes – I didn’t see it currently on the Disney Parks Online Store. There are a ton of other holiday items from the Victorian collection though –

      The item number is 400154444888 and the retail is $29.95. You may be able to order it via Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or email

  • That’s neat! I love to photograph Disneyland, especially during the holidays and have recently started a series of posts on my blog showing all the little details that I love so much.

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