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Experience China’s Living Wonders With Adventures by Disney

Maureen Miller

by , Manager, Global Marketing Strategy and Planning

Experience China’s Living Wonders With Adventures by Disney

One of my favorite Adventures by Disney stops in China is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. That’s where you’ll find nearly 100 acres of protected land filled with the world’s most beautiful pandas.

Disney Parks Blog Author Maureen Miller Experiences China’s Living Wonders With Adventures by Disney

I fell in love with the fascinating (and incredibly unique) pandas of China as they romped, roamed, rested and played in their natural habitat. Our group of adventurers watched as the pandas began their day with each other. We were so close to them, I could hear the crunching of bamboo. It was also wonderful to explore a state of the art facility and see some of the cutest Panda babies that have ever graced the planet.

Adventures by Disney groups are treated to privately guided tours in China and have access to a biologist who can teach them about the pandas of the region. My experience getting to know these living wonders of China was unforgettable.

So, what would you most like to see during a trip to China?


  • Welcome to the blog Ms. Maureen!

  • There are so many amazing things to witness and enjoy in the world. It is hard to put a list together. I think just to be immersed in a culture and getting to know the people that live and work there is amazing.

  • That’s so neat that as part of Adventures by Disney, guests get to go to Chengdu Research Base to see the giant pandas. I know that at this facility, you can have an experience where you get to sit and hold a young giant panda. Do guests get to do this through Adventures by Disney?

    Also, I think a great idea for Adventures by Disney in China would be to go on a river cruise on the Li River in Guilin. I’ve been lucky enough to go to China, but didn’t get a chance to do that when I was there. I hear it’s a beautiful cruise to take.

  • Is there any truth to the rumor that the Animal Kingdom could be getting some Pandas as part of the Shanghai Disneyland agreement?

  • I would love to see pandas come to Disneys Animal Kingdom! I’ll never be able to get to China or do Adventures by Disney or anything, so it would be cool to be able to see them at Animal Kingdom.

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