Have You Seen Toy Soldiers Drumming Up Cheer at Disneyland Park?

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios


Reports are coming in from across Disneyland park that a band of toy soldiers have been spotted showing off some impressive drumming skills! Keep an eye out for these talented toys throughout the holiday season.

The soldiers drum up an impromptu, mini street party with classic holiday tunes and infectious, high-energy spirit. I recently spotted them just outside “it’s a small world” but keep your eyes peeled because you never know when they will be appearing. Catch them quick, before they’re called back to Santa’s Toy Shoppe!


  • We just saw them perform last Sunday! They were just great entertaining fun. I highly recommend trying to catch them, because the video and pics just don’t do them justice.

  • They really need to add these guys to the published entertainment schedule and not just have their performances at random times and locations so that more guests will be able to see and enjoy them. These guys are too good to be missed. I was able to see them one day this week, but, only after waiting around for more than an hour, then almost missed them because I had given up and was walking away. I had been in the Storybook Land Canal Boats queue and had heard the music and wondered what it was because there was nothing in the entertainment guide. I asked a Cast Member when I got off the ride and she told me, but, as I said, I had to wait around for a long time to catch them. I wanted to see them again and waited around some more, but, didn’t see them come out again. When Disneyland comes up with new entertainment this good, it shouldn’t be so hard for guests to see it. I’m just sayin’!

  • They are not unlike those Green Army Men drummers Disneyland’s had in the past. Both are AWESOME!

  • Love them! They add so much to the Christmas season 🙂

  • saw them just outside “it’s a small world” yesterday. 🙂

  • We’ll definitely have to check out their holiday show. Does it run the same times as their usual Soundsational mini pre-show performance? It’s definitely one of Disneyland’s hidden treasures and these guys are immensely talented for such young performers. My favorite part of their Soundsational show is when the guy on the left holds another drummer upside down by the legs and the upside-down drummer drums! Amazing feat of strength and talent!

  • Awesome! I hope I get to see them when I go to Disneyland in a couple weeks. The toy soldiers have always been my favorite part of the Christmas parade. It’s great to see them (albeit a different version) get more of the spotlight! 🙂

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