Holidays at the Disneyland Resort Begins Today!

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

It’s November 14 – that means we’ve officially begun Holidays at the Disneyland Resort! In addition to all the new touches we previewed in our sneak peek, guests will also be able to experience returning holiday favorites:

New 14-foot Snowman in 'it's a small world' Holiday, Part of Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

And of course, we’ve got the return of “it’s a small world” Holiday! This year, we’re excited to welcome the first-ever addition to this holiday celebration since it debuted in 1997. A new 14-foot snowman made of crystal snowflakes and lit with thousands of lights will stand atop a 10-foot-wide snowflake in the attraction’s finale scene. The snowman will be holding beautiful icicle-like letters reading “Happy Holidays” which will change colors as you float by.

What are you looking forward to the most during Holidays at the Disneyland Resort?


  • wow i can’t wait to go!!!

  • Just being there is what I’m looking forward to! Christmas can’t get here soon enough!

  • Any other fellow AP members that didn’t receive an email to the Holiday Fantasy Event? 🙁 Really bummed I never received one.. I was really looking forward to bringing guests with me that never get to experience Disneyland during the holidays!

  • Erin – where can I email you an engagement photo? I just proposed to my fiancé and I recreated the Lady and the Tramp dinner scene.

  • Nothing like Disneyland to get you in the holiday spirit! Im going tomorrow for my birthday!!

  • If you could please let me know how the guests are picked or why this happens, I would truly and greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Erin!

  • We were there today….it was wonderful! We noticed the snowman and said that was new. Got our Mickey Santa hats and visited Santa. What an absolutely fantastic day!

  • I went last Christmas and it was AMAZING! I loved small world holiday and the Haunted Mansion Holiday!

  • We will be there in a few weeks enjoying it all. Cannot wait!

  • I love the holidays at the Disneyland Resort, (and I agree with Thor, Disneyland is the best!)

    I’m so excited to see the Christmas fantasy Parade ans Its s Small Wold Holiday!

  • Oh, so many things I love about the holiday season at Disneyland. While I was wildly against this overlay back when it first started, “it’s a small world” Holiday has become something that always puts me in the holiday mood. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s the first thing I go on when I get to the park during the holidays. And, a trip to Santa’s Reindeer Round-Up to see the reindeer and meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus is always an important part of the season. But, the thing that gets me most choked up is the lighting of Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle and the snow that falls upon Main Street after it. I feel like a little kid on the first day of snow, twirling about in the street and you feel a connection to everybody around you for that one moment. I cry every time.

    I’m also looking forward to some new things happening over at Disney California Adventure, including Phineas and Ferb’s new winter show and meeting Duffy in his holiday costume.

    Oh, can’t wait to go there this weekend!

  • I will be there thursday with my granddaughter top celebrate potty training! I am so glad she chose Christmastime!!

  • Erin, We spend every Christmas at Disneyland for the last 11 years, at the Grand Californian. Every few years we are lucky enough to get to spend it at Disneyworld. While there we have been lucky enough to go to Mickey’s Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom. Will we every have this party at Disneyland? I know the Halloween party started there and then came here so I am hoping that this will also.

  • The BEST thing about the holidays at Disneyland is the Candlelight Processional and the reading of the Christmas story. I’m staying the weekend so I can watch it more than once!

  • Everything!!!! I love Disneyland, especially during Christmas time. I can’t wait. 1 week and counting!

  • Disneyland does up Christmas better than any theme park anywhere! They pack so much holiday joy and festivity into that one park that it’s almost too much to handle!

    The daily Christmas Parade, the fabulous holiday overlays at Small World and Haunted Mansion, lavish decorations from Toontown to New Orleans Square to Main Street to Storybookland to Critter Country, the amazing holiday fireworks with snowy finale and cinammon-scented air every night, the Castle lighting shows, real live reindeer sent down from the North Pole to hang with Santa and Mrs. Claus in their ranch home, the amazing projection shows on the Small World facade, etc., etc.!

    Disneyland can simply not be beat. Thank you Disneylanders for all that you do to make this park so fabulous this time of year! And a very Merry Christmas to one and all!

  • I have tentative plans to go the day before Thanksgiving…….YAAAAY!

  • It’s a bit misleading to say the snowman is the “first-ever addition” to small world holiday. When the America room was added to the attraction in 2008, that room got new holiday decorations (instead of being draped over with black curtains in years past). Also, the same year, many of the Disney characters that were added into the attraction got holiday costumes and props.

  • I am SOOO excited. I got the coveted invitation to tonight’s premiere for AP holders. Bringing two very special friends for the sneak peek of the holiday season at Disney. Can’t wait!

  • This is always my favorite time of the year! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • 7 years ago, I had the BEST HOLIDAY EVER with my two daughters in the Magic Kingdom. It was an experience that none of us will ever forget. I hope to do it again with my granddaughter in a few years…

  • “It’s the most…magical time…of the year!”

  • THIS IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR AT THE DISNEYLAND RESORT!!! 😀 You guys put so much work and effort into making it such a magical Christmas celebration! Thank you!

  • Yay! Can’t wait to go next month!!!

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