Name that Disneyland Resort Costume

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

We’ve had so much fun with Disney Parks trivia here on the Disney Parks Blog, from “Where at Disney Parks Can You Find …” to “What’s My Line?”, so I thought it was time to up the challenge a bit.

Here at Disney Parks, we are all part of the show. I’m a cast member, not an employee. My role – not my job – is to write for the Disney Parks Blog. And in the parks, our cast members don’t wear uniforms – they wear costumes. I’ve chosen some of my favorite Disneyland Resort costumes – and proudly modeled them myself. Your challenge: to name not only the land in which I work, but specifically which role I play in that land. I could work at a merchandise location, an attraction, a restaurant – who knows? It’s your job to figure it out – my job is just to look pretty.

So here’s your first challenge. Name that Disneyland Resort Costume!

Name that Disneyland Resort Costume

I’ll be back later today with the answer and the story behind this purple paraphernalia.

UPDATE: Looks like quite a few of you gave the right answer – well done! Today’s costume is the one you’d see worn by the ladies who work in the New Orleans Square merchandise locations in Disneyland park.

This is one of my favorite costumes because I love the time and place it represents. New Orleans Square evokes the elegance, energy, culture, music, history and unique architecture of the famed French Quarter in New Orleans during the Golden Age of Jazz in the 1940’s. Patty Dunne, Manager of Costuming Design, explains that the fluid and dapper look of the costumes recreates the glamorous world of this era, a time when clothes had attitude and style.

In the early 1940s, for example, the clothing style for women were dresses that were tailored closely to the waist with a medium-full skirt and the hem just below the knee. The skirt pictured above features inverted box pleats which show a complementary floral fabric – a very fashionable look for the time.

Costumes Worn by Women in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park in the 1970s Costumes Worn by Women in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park in 1998

Some of you may recall that the costumes for New Orleans Square merchandise were re-designed in 2005. Prior to this redesign, New Orleans Square was placed in an era toward the end of the 19th Century, similar to the theme of Main Street, U.S.A. Patty told me that creating a new look for New Orleans Square helped this land gain its own identity.


  • I would say Port Orleans Front Desk.

  • perhaps the Tiki room?

  • I’m with Tyler on this one: More costumes! 🙂
    They don’t have to be -yours-, but any other CM you can get a shot of that might give us a challenge.
    (I’m not as Anaheim-literate, though, and I’d have better luck spotting WDW costumes.)

  • Great concept! I hope to see some WDW-based “name that costume” posts in the future.

  • Strike that last comment! IT’S THE PARASOL CART! I just remember a conversation me and Samantha had about a week or two ago at Disneyland. There was a Parasol Cart girl who had a pin lanyard and Samantha didn’t want to go look because the girl was wearing…. PURPLE!!! Samantha hates purple!

  • I’m thinking somewhat outside the box here and gonna say it’s one of three in New Orleans Square: The Parasol Cart, the Pin Trading store or the Disney Vacation Club kiosk. If I had to go with one of the three, I’d say the DVC kiosk.

  • New Orleans Square stores!

  • Progressland?

  • While it might not be today’s, I’d love to please see what a Club 33 server wears. Eating there is one Disney dream I have yet to see come true!

  • Looks like something someone at a hotel front desk would wear, so I’ll guess front desk at Paradise Pier Hotel. =)

  • It’s definitely the costume worn at New Orleans Sqaures stores!

  • It is from New Orleans Square, but it’s not from the Parfumerie. The ladies, from the parfumerie, costumes have the patterned print as the full costume, the purple is used as a trim. So it is from another store at New Orleans, maybe the crystal shop or the pin store?

  • Hmmm…. it’s been a little while since my last trip. Is it somewhere in Frontierland or CA Adventure?

  • You have on the New Orleans Square Stores Costume

  • Hmmm….

    It’s not Aladdin…that’s Red and Orange.
    Tower of Terror is more brown and Haunted Mansion is more white and green…..

    This is difficult! I’ve seen it before I just…can’t…place it!
    The purple is throwing me off…

    I refuse to cheat and google it so I will just wait.

    Either way! This is a great challenge :)! What an awesome trivia game Erin!

    • Glad you like it! We’ve got some good guesses so far.

  • Napa Winery? Maybe New Orleans Square

  • This is not your average costume. It must be one of the hotel costumes or its for Gone Hollywood!

  • New Orleans Square Stores!

  • Mlle. Antoinette’s Parfumerie?

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