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Over-the-Top, Dream-Come-True Holiday Experience at the Disneyland Resort

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Hey Disneyland Resort fans – an interesting opportunity has come across my desk, and I wanted to share it with you. It is a limited-capacity event that combines some rare Disney Parks experiences, and is unlike anything we’ve ever offered – especially here on the Disney Parks Blog. Take a look below.

Over-the-Top, Dream-Come-True Holiday Experience at the Disneyland Resort Over-the-Top, Dream-Come-True Holiday Experience at the Disneyland Resort Over-the-Top, Dream-Come-True Holiday Experience at the Disneyland Resort Over-the-Top, Dream-Come-True Holiday Experience at the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Candlelight Experience

December 4–5, 2011, $1,250* per person based on double occupancy, includes:

  • One-night stay at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011; valet parking for one vehicle included.
  • An evening of holiday elegance beginning with a private reception and dinner at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.
  • Reserved seating for the 8 p.m. performance of Candlelight on December 4.
  • Exclusive 2011 Candlelight mementos.
  • A sunrise breakfast at The Plaza Inn, one of Walt Disney’s favorite dining locations, on his 110th birthday, December 5. Breakfast will be followed by a pre-opening walk through Disneyland park.
  • A visit to several locations in the park with Disney Legends and Creative Staff as they share their stories about Walt Disney, Disneyland park and the magic of the holiday season. Guest speakers currently scheduled include Dave Smith, Bob Gurr, Marty Sklar, Tony Baxter, and David Caranci. Speakers are subject to change.
  • A visit to Walt Disney’s private apartment above the firehouse on Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Reserved viewing of “A Christmas Fantasy” Parade.
  • Theme park entrance for both days.

To reserve this special opportunity, call 866-309-9683. Full payment is required at time of booking, and bookings must be made by November 25, 2011. You must be at least 18 years old to RSVP for this event, but your guests may be younger. Valid photo I.D. will be required at check-in.

*Package rate shown is based on double occupancy and standard accommodations. Single occupancy, standard room rate is $1,500. For groups of three (3) to five (5), a charge of $1,000 per person applies for each additional guest occupying the same room, with a maximum of five (5) occupants within the same room. Excludes applicable taxes and fees.

Offer is limited and restrictions apply. May not be combined with other offers, packages or discounts. No items in this package may be redeemed for cash, and all items (and portions thereof) are non-refundable and non-transferable. No credit or compensation will be given for unused portions of this package and such unused elements will be forfeited if not used in conjunction with the Candlelight Experience. No substitutions, refunds or credit for any package element that is canceled for any reason including, but not limited to, inclement weather. Please do not bring any items to be signed by the guest speakers. Walt Disney Travel Company CST: 1022229-50.

All elements of the event and the package are subject to change and cancellation without notice.


  • Marie, I too thought this was a sweepstakes when I saw that facebook posting. However, the post said ‘Last day to register for the over-the-top, dream-come-true Candlelight Experience available at the Disneyland Resort!’, and I now see they meant to register as in signing up and paying, not registering for a sweepstakes!
    It would have been an aswesome sweepstakes, though!

  • WOW! $1250pp that’s outrageous! Come on DL really?

  • I too thought it was a contest. Being a teacher, having taken 20% cut over the past couple of years, I can barely afford the annual passes, which seem to keep going up, despite the recession. I would love to stay at the Resort and wanted to this xmas but even the Paradise Pier has gone up like 30%. As pass holders, we should be given a discount worthwhile. Giving us 20% off the resort after raising the prices, isn’t a discount it is a mask. I always get discouraged when I see the prices and can’t afford it. $1250 per person is so not even close to my price range. I can stay at a suite at the Monte Carlo, eat, shop, and gamble, play games for kids, for under 800.00. There seems to be a “sensitivity” chip missing when it comes to the state of the economy right now, especially for single parents. I don’t know, maybe I am just taking it personally.

  • Having our Disneyland Passes are pricless. My teenage Daughter and I get to go every week and experiance something new. All the people are great and the shows are magicial. Winning the Over the
    Top sure would be magicial in every way for my falimy and I. See you on Sunday Walt. xoxo to all the Disney staff and carictors.

  • Having our Disneyland Passes are pricless. My teenage Daughter and I get to go every week and experiance something new. All the people are great and the shows are magicial. Winner the Top sure would be magicial in every way for my falimy and I. See you on Sunday Walt. xoxo to all the Disney staff and carictors.

  • A Facebook post said that this is the last day to enter a sweepstakes to win a place in this experience. How can I enter? I can’t find this ANYWHERE, even when signed in. Thank you.

  • Wow I would love to do something like that. I have been to Candlelight almost every year that you have had it at Disneyland and it’s really a beautiful things. Your prices are way out of my budget and probably most people these day’s. I wonder if this was part of Walts Dream. For the people that CAN afford it, its a breath taking event to see you should all do it.

  • This would be a great GIFT to my kids and to my wife and I. I am getting ready to return from Afghanistan on Dec 2nd. There is nothing in this world like the smiles on your childrens faces.. To who every wins.. Have a wonderful time..

  • This sounds so cool! I thought it was a contest prize. I was all up for entering. We’ll be at the Saturday night Candlelight, so we were already planning to drive up & use our passes. My dream family getaway would include several days at the Disney Resort with a view room in the Grand Californian, or the Dream Suite (Are there other rooms in the parks?), lunch or dinner in Club 33, driving the Fire Truck down Main Street, be engineer on the Disney railway, a private ride on the Lillie Belle, touring Walt’s apartment, and a tour of the underground including a play a little basketball in the Matterhorn gym. Every backstage tour possible would be also awesome… wait… I just need to be Honorary CEO of Disney for a week. ..and then I’d want to be like Under Cover Boss for another week and try a bunch of jobs around the park. I would even be the sweeper guy with the little broom and dust pan on a stick.

  • O.O all the disney legends plus great entertainment and shows?? AND the firehouse apartment! This is my disney dream come true I would love to go…maybe when I’m older and hopefully work for the company! ._.

  • So is there no more dining packages for the general public again this year? We normally take a family vacation to Disneyland for Christmas, but haven’t since they stopped doing the Candlelight dining package. Is this ever coming back?

  • Ummmm, does this come with a car wash,too?

  • I can’t even afford a pass anymore, let alone a special event like this. It would truly be a dream come true. I’ve never seen the candlelight procession, but on TV it looks beautiful. I hoe those that go have an amazing time 🙂

  • I am very happy that Disneyland is offering this opportunity to see Walt’s apartment. I’m one of the few who have already seen it and can tell you that it’s well worth the money. (A relative of mine was the previous owner of the Regina Music Box that’s in the apartment)

    The one thing I wish that could be done is for everybody to see the apartment. It’s not normally view able for those in wheel chairs but Disney has put temporary exterior elevators in place in the past. Hopefully they will do that this time.

    It’s a true “studio apartment.” It’s just one very small room with a tiny bathroom with a shower and the attached exterior sitting area. The entire interior is smaller than my own small living room. That said, it’s beautifully decorated with items, most of which are still owned by the Disney family, so if you are lucky enough to visit, don’t touch anything LOL! Oh and if you do see it, you’ll get to see…in the bathroom…Walt’s Throne…not to mention the three headed shower arrangement.

  • Sean, if you read carefully, you will notice the price listed in the email sent to passholders for this event is $2500 for two people. This blog post clearly states its $1250 per person based on double occupancy, meaning two people need to go. In other words, its the same price. I think this is a wonderful offer, however too pricey for me, so I won’t be signing up for it. I also agree with the other commenter on needing an additional night at the hotel.

  • December 5th is my bithday. If someone would like to give me a present at Disney that would be awesome. But I guess it´ll always be a dream for me but it sounds wondefull!

  • This sounds like a Disney Dream!! 🙂 Wow! Hmmm… Do you supppose they would offer a discount on a second night?

    The second part that would make me pause (first part is price, but we DO get a once in a lifetime experience for the money!) is that it’s only one night at Disney’s Grand CA Hotel. To make this perfect you would almost ‘have’ to stay two nights. After check-in time you’d barely have time to relax in your room and it’s zoomy-zoom-zoom!! out of the room!!.. for dinner and the show, then it’s up EARLY for Breakfast with THE Legends of Disney second only to Walt Disney himself, and then off to the park with a parade viewing that afternoon. I think you would have to rush during the break between Breakfast and your scheduled Fantasy Parade, just to pack up and check out. I would definitely have to have two nights to relax and enjoy the room and the parks. Possibly Sat/Sun night or even better, Sun (the night scheduled) and a Monday night add-on?

    Sorry to be so wordy just for my simple question… ha! So what do you think? Would they allow an add-on night? This sounds fan-diddly-tastic! 8):-)

  • this is amusing and laughable to me since this is the “extremely limited” opportunity that you are trying to sell to “invited premium annual passholders” for $2500.00, so I don’t understand why do I as a premium passholder, have to pay $2500 if I want to go, but everyone else who wants to go only has to pay $1250.00?

    It’s this stuff right here that led to me cancelling my annual pass.

    • Hi Sean – Just to clarify, the cost is $1,250 for each person based on double occupancy, which works out to the same price ($2,500 for two) that was communicated to Annual Passholders.

  • I am dying to do this! But wanted to know what “limited capacity” means… If it’s like 5000 people I don’t know if it would be worth it. Also, I live in NM but am an annual passholder are they offering the AP’s anything instead of theme park entrance? Thank you!

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