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Sights & Sounds at Disney Parks: Happy Birthday, Mickey!

Best wishes to the leader of the club that’s made for you and me! Mickey’s birthday has a long and colorful history of music and celebration. Back in 1937, comic performer Billy Murray (no, not that Bill Murray) and the International Novelty Orchestra recorded “Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Party” on 10-inch 78 rpm records made of brittle shellac as breakable at Aunt Marge’s best china.

'Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Party' by the International Novelty Orchestra '(Hey Ra-Ra-Ra-) Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse'

Forty years later, Epcot favorite and legendary Monkee Davy Jones brought his own groove to “(Hey Ra-Ra-Ra-) Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse.” The was written by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschorn, who also wrote the songs for the Disney musical fantasy feature, Pete’s Dragon.

And of course, there was once an entire Mickey’s Birthdayland at Magic Kingdom Park, which in a few months will start to reveal its transformation into New Fantasyland. I’m sure Mickey is as excited to see it all as we are. Mickey, being the self-effacing fellow he is, may have found the whole Birthdayland thing to be a little more fuss over him than he’d prefer – clearly he’d rather make a great big fuss over all his park guests instead!

What’s your favorite Mickey birthday memory? Mine is being a cast member Disney VoluntEAR for Mickey’s 65th, when underprivileged children were invited to enjoy Walt Disney World Resort vacations. I helped host a group of these wonderful kids from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ll never forgotten what fun it was to take them through the parks. I felt kind of like Willy Wonka (without all that nasty blueberry and fizzy lifting drink stuff)!

When we had to say goodbye to the kids, I could hear Tommy Steele singing these classic Sherman Brothers lyrics from The Happiest Millionaire in my head: “We knew we’d never meet again, and yet it’s clear to see / I’d always be a part of them and them a part of me.”

Thanks, Mickey. You’re a pal.


  • I remember Mickey’s birthdayland I was alil kid but we always videotapped our visits. They had a whole stage show for it and of course there was Mickey’s birthday song “Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Birthday to you!” I always smile when i watch it 20yrs later

  • Every year we remember and celebrate Mickey’s birthday because it’s shared with my daughter! Happy 12th Birthday D!!

  • Happy Birthday to the leader of the club that’s made for you and me!

  • We’ll be at Disneyland tonight. I’ll make sure to wish him a “Happy Birthday” when I see him.

  • It’s my little brother’s birthday too! Happy Birthday Andrew and Mickey! Love you both from the bottom of my heart! <3

  • Happy Birthday Mickey!

  • i was a little girl at Mickey’s birthday Land, and barely remember it, but i always mark Mickey’s birthday on my calendar each year! Happy Birthday, Mickey! You look GREAT for your age 🙂

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