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Sights & Sounds at Disney Parks: The Fabric of Holiday Storytelling at Epcot

Seasoned Walt Disney World Resort visitors know that Holiday Storytellers are among the many delightful and inspiring experiences to enjoy during Holidays Around the World at Epcot. What few realize is how much time, talent and craftsmanship is literally woven into their magnificent, authentic costumes. In this sparkling, festive video, Disney historian Jim Korkis, author of The Vault of Walt, takes you behind the scenes into the amazing realm of Disney Creative Costuming.

Special note for Disney buffs: Look for the beloved Disney collectible at Jim’s right. We put it there on purpose. Do you know its historic connection to Disney “storytellers?”

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  • I am a BIG fan of Jim Korkis!

  • A Day at Disneyland with Walt Disney and Jiminy Cricket was the first storyteller LP released by Disneyland Records. It is narrated by the master storyteller, Walt Disney and Jiminy Cricket (voiced by Cliff Edwards).

      You’re absolutely right, Joseph. It’s from the Disneyland Records Storyteller series, which were albums packaged with illustrated books. For “A Day at Disneyland,” Jiminy’s narration was added to an edited version of “Walt Disney Takes You to Disneyland” (the very first record completely produced, marketed and distributed by Walt’s new label, available on CD on amazon and for download on iTunes).

  • We have a visit planned for Dec 14-18. We are surprising our 11 1/2 yr old, 9 1/2yr old & 4 1/2yr old daughters as an early Christmas present. It will be their 1st visit to the parks. I am getting so excited that it’s becoming difficult to keep this secret! We’ll see you in a few weeks!

  • As a home seamstress I loved hearing about the costuming and seeing the wonderful fabrics. I would love to go on a tour to see the beginning to the finished product.

  • aw i tried watching the video but it says its private….

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