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Special Delivery: Walt Disney Imagineers Receive a Piece of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney Imagineers Receive a Piece of New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park

Check out the special delivery this team of Walt Disney Imagineers received at the Walt Disney World Resort earlier this month. We’re told it’s a key piece of an attraction that’s planned for New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.

Any guesses as to which attraction this could be a part of? Submit your guesses in the “Comments” section below. Be sure to check back later today to see if your guess was correct!

New Dumbo Attraction at Walt Disney World

Thanks for submitting all of your guesses. Many of you were actually correct: This mystery image is one of the two new centerpieces of the new, doubled Dumbo attraction.

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  • i think it’s Audio-Animatonic Ursalu for the Little Mermaid ride!

  • Gaston Statue!

  • Ursula!

  • Ursela animatronic for the Little Mermaid attraction?

  • I’m going to say it’s Ursula.

    • Wow, there are a lot of votes for Ursula!

  • I’m going to guess it’s the base of the new Dumbo spinner.

  • Its one of the center pieces of the new Dumbo ride.

  • Dumbo!

    • Wow, 4 guesses for Dumbo, 4 for Ursula and 1 for Gaston. Interesting!

  • The King Triton statue for the top of the little mermaid ride.

  • Is it a piece of the new castle wall for the entrance of the forest?

  • I’m guessing it is part of the Storybook Circus as that is the first phase to open next year. It seems far too early for Ursula as I followed the progress of the Little Mermaid ride being built in California…

  • +1 for Dumbo

  • I think it’s the chandelier for the Beauty and Beast restaurant.

  • Make that another for the Gaston Statue. Since you can’t exactly break apart a statue, which you might be able to with Ursula, then Gaston takes my official guess. 🙂

  • A giant Jennifer Fickley-Baker bobble-head. That’s 4 for Dumbo, 4 for Ursula, 1 for Gaston and 1 for our favorite Social Media Manager.

    • I would love to be a part of Fantasyland, Justin. 🙂

  • It’s a new yeti for Expedition Everest. UPS had the wrong address.

  • Centerpiece for the new Dumbo ride

  • Ursula!

  • King Triton for The Little Mermaid ride

  • My guess is the center piece for Dumbo as well. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what it is!

  • I think it is the top piece to the tower at the little mermaid attraction.

  • It’s one of the Sebastian animatronics and a lot of bubble wrap.

    • Can you imagine popping bubble wrap this size?

  • I think it’s King Triton to be added to the top of the attraction.

  • i think it’s another part of eric’s castle. the concept art shows another tower on the end of the bridge, and there’s not one there yet. seeing as they just finished painting the bridge you would think it would be time to put on that tower.

  • +1 Dumbo

    I love that everyone in the photo looks genuinely happy.

    • What a nice observation. I have to agree with you – they all look happy and excited.

  • It’s definitely Ursula…

  • Its definitely NOT Ursula. I’ve seen Ursula at California Adventure and she is not as big as this object in the picture nor would she need to be trucked in on a massive flatbed this size. My bet is on the center of one of the Dumbo spinners.

  • A Jason Surrell Statue?

  • An interactive Pete for the Dumbo circus.

  • It’s the first piece of the castle wall, one of the spires, that will separate the courtyard and the forest.

  • I’m more interested in the cool blue golf cart in the background.

    I vote Dumbo base.

  • It’s Sebastian for the Under the Sea performance space in the Little Mermaid ride.

  • The Figaro fries stand … I can dream, can’t I?

  • I think its for Dumbo! I am excited to see what it is! Hopefully you tell us later today =)

    • Answer coming soon!

  • I don’t think it will be the center of the Dumbo ride because in the expansion there are 2 Dumbo ride platforms planned so there would have to be two things on that truck. Besides the centers of the Dumbo rides look like big balls based on the imagineers conceptual drawings. I think it is might be an Eric and Ariel statue based on one of those drawings.

  • Another Dumbo vote from me!

    When are you going to share the answer?

  • They got a flatbed! (Honestly, I have no clue. I guess I have no imagination on Mondays.)

  • I will go with Gaston. There is supposed to be a very large Gaston statue in front of his pub, right?

  • Is it Prince Eric’s castle for the top of the Little Mermaid attraction?

  • I guess it´s a part of the Casey Jr. water play area.

  • The top of Prince Eric’s Castle 🙂

  • You are all wrong, its the teleportation device that is going to bring me to Fantasyland! (Or it might be part of the Dumbo ride)


  • The fountain!

  • It is the fountain thingie at the entrance

  • Chandelier for the Beauty & the Beast Dining Ball Room

  • I think its Dumbo lso. Looks like there is a statue in the center there. I say thats it!

  • @Debra There would only be one for Dumbo; they’re only adding one new Dumbo ride system. The existing Dumbo ride system will be moved to be the second of the two Dumbo rides.

  • Part of the new Dumbo?

  • I definitely say Dumbo! I was just their last week and it looked like there was a space boarded up perfectly planned for the second Dumbo!

  • part of the dumbo fountain?

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