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Vintage Walt Disney World: Make Way For Prince Ali at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Nate Rasmussen

by , Librarian, Walt Disney Archives

Today marks the anniversary of the Los Angeles/New York premiere of Walt Disney Pictures’ animated film “Aladdin,” which was released in 1992. Just a month later, in December 1992, Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) welcomed Aladdin’s Royal Caravan parade, which was inspired by the movie. To kick off this comical parade, Genie transformed himself into a 26-foot-tall giant to alert the Agrabahians (theme park guests) to make way for Prince Ali!

Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade at Walt Disney World Resort

Fifty-six parade performers dressed as everything from serfs and rope climbers to acrobats, fire-eaters and even a snake charmer – all to recreate Prince Ali’s grand entrance into the city of Agrabah.

The first parade ever based off of a single Disney movie, Aladdin’s Royal Caravan saw Genie transform himself five times throughout the parade. The caravan concluded with the arrival of Prince Ali and Princess Jasmine riding atop Abu, whom Genie transformed into an elephant for their grand entrance.

And who’s left cleaning up after all the fun? Jafar. See, it doesn’t pay to be evil; you don’t even get your own float.

Jafar in Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade at Walt Disney World Resort The Genie in Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade at Walt Disney World Resort Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade at Walt Disney World Resort Prince Ali and Princess Jasmine in Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade at Walt Disney World Resort


  • This is awesome! This is the parade they were watching on the Disney World episode of Full House!

    • Marissa, who didn’t love Full House? I was a fan, too!

  • This is one of my all time favorite movies – so wish I could have seen it live! Haven’t the spitting camels behind Aladdin and Jasmine shown up in a few different things now?

    • You have a keen eye Patrick. I believe those camels now spit at Guests in Magic Kingdom Park over at The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Adventureland.

  • My wife thinks they should bring this parade back next year for the 20th anniversary!

  • I was 6 years old when my parents took me to Walt Disney World for the first time, and this is my FIRST Walt Disney World memory! I will never forget how I felt when I saw this parade! The camel spit right into the lens of my mom’s camera – a million dollar moment. Right after the parade mom and dad took me to the Aladdin character breakfast where I panicked because my ink pen stopped working right as Jasmine was about to sign my brand new autograph book! I scribbled furiously to get the ink going again, and luckily it did. Jasmine was astounded by my magic powers and asked if I knew her friend Genie who is almost as magical as I am.

    Yep, Disney memories really last a lifetime!

    • Love this story! Thanks for sharing.

  • One of my favorite parades of all time! I remember being home in NJ and we’d sit in the car with “Prince Ali” on repeat to get an “Aladdin Royal Caravan” fix! One of the most fun, creative parades Disney World has ever done.

  • I was just 4 years old when I say this parade for the first time! Loved it then and would love to see it in WDW again!

  • I was 5 years old when “Aladdin” came out. They TOTALLY need to bring this parade back! I’m sure today’s generation would love it!

  • I was a cast member with the College Program working at the Studios in the spring of 1993 when this parade was in full swing. There were many a day I worked the parade route or braced for the parade rush at the Little Mermaid. Good memories.

  • Thank you for posting! I saw this parade on my first Disney trip, it was so amazing!

  • I never saw that parade but I did see the Mickey Mania Parade they should bring that back

  • This is one of my very favorite parades. Love the music from Aladdin.

  • This was the very first thing I saw on my first Walt Disney World vacation. It was part of the reason I decided to move to Florida a few months later. My favorite Disney experience, ever!

  • I’ve never seen this parade, but it looks amazing, Aladdin came out when I was 3 and it’s still one of my favorite Disney movies 😀

  • Would love to see this parade reinstated. The floats and costumes are superb. So funny having Jafar at the back as the clean up crew! Thanks for sharing this from the vault.

  • Saw this back in 1994 when my children went for the first time, this is so great!!! the music has been in my head for days lately so we just had to watch it friday with my niece and daughter!! Love this parade. we video taped it back then. 🙂

  • we were there over the weekend and this was a great parade! I love Aladdin and it brought me back to the movie!

  • anyone else thinking full house???
    🙂 love this and miss it a lot :’)

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