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Waffle Sammie the Perfect Magic Kingdom Park ‘Street Food’

Who says waffles are only for breakfast? We’ll be eating waffles sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we have our way at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom Park – messy good, bona fide street food.

“We saw waffle sandwiches in California and decided they’d be a perfect fit for the Magic Kingdom,” says Executive Chef Robert Adams. “Guests love them!”

Prosciutto Egg Omelet Waffle Sandwich Available at Magic Kingdom Park

Asian Fried Chicken, Creamy Slaw and Peppery Arugula Waffle Sandwich Available at Magic Kingdom Park Fruit and Nutella Waffle Sandwich Available at Magic Kingdom Park Ham, Salty Prosciutto and Cheese Waffle Sandwich Available at Magic Kingdom Park

Crisp and light, the fresh, hot waffles are the perfect packaging for generous fillings – starting with the breakfast creation, a prosciutto egg omelet waffle sandwich. On to lunch, with our favorite, the fried chicken with an Asian kick, creamy slaw and peppery arugula. Fans of Nutella, the gooey, Italian hazelnut-chocolate spread, will enjoy the fruit and Nutella sandwich – strawberries and chocolate folded into a perfect sweet combo. If you’re a ham-and-cheese fan, the ham, salty prosciutto and cheese sammie satisfies.

Hmmm, what’s next? Chef Adams is firing up the waffle iron and working on a PB&J version, plus a few others that he’s keeping under wraps. What would you like to see on the waffle sammie menu?

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  • I had the chance to take down one of the Nutella waffles and it was incredible!! The CM at Sleepy Hallow told me that they were only offering those during the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (which is when I had it). I hope it becomes a regular offering!

  • The folded waffle shape screams for a zesty shredded beef with taco toppings!

  • I would like to see these waffle sandwiches offered later than 5pm. I don’t understand why you’d take them off the menu for the evening, when Sleepy Hollow Refreshments itself is still open. They are certainly large enough for a dinner, not just a lunch…

  • Our family so missed our traditional Mickey waffle on our visit last week. Adding things to the menu is great, but bring back the Mickey waffle too!

  • They replaced the iconic Mickey Waffles with these? Fail.

    Additions are great. But don’t take away such a traditional item.

  • Disneyland does not have these waffle yummies. I bet they heard about them by going to Bruxie’s. 2 locations: old towne orange and the newest location – Brea. I do hope they bring them Disneyland 🙂

  • I would love to try one- please offer them gluten-free!

  • How about a BLW Twist on a BLT served on a waffle. Bacon Lettuce and Tomato on Waffle With or without cheese.

  • Hubby and I shared the fruit and Nutella sandwich recently, and it was delicious. Plenty for us both, and our granddaughter ate a few bites too! Can’t wait to try one of the savory concoctions on our next trip.

  • BUT…does it count as a snack or a meal on the Disney Dining PLan?

  • I’d like to see a Cheese-steak like this, or a varient Reuben style sammie. Or club sammie this way.

  • Where exactly is this Sleepy Hollow food location in Liberty Square where these will be sold? I don’t want to miss them the next time I am in WDW.

  • Looks interesting…but how about bringing back Disney’s HANDWICH!

  • Will these be available on the dining plan? Specifically the quick service plan?

  • A vegetarian option that is not a dessert sandwich. ^_^;;;

    I think Parmesan cheese, arugula and pear would be lovely or perhaps mozzarella cheese, tomato, pesto and mushrooms.

  • The Sweet & Spicy Chicken was pretty darn tasty, but it is a LOT of food!

  • We’ll be there in four weeks and these are definitely on our list to try!! YUM!!

  • We’re going next week! Are these considered meals or snacks on my Disney Dining Plan???

  • Im thinkin a Waffle Dog! A Hot Dog placed intt the waffle iron then the batter boured directly over it so that its baked right in!

  • I meant “stand-alone”. I apologize for my spelling error

  • Chicken & Waffles – Fried Chicken, Maple Syrup, Tabasco & Powdered Sugar

  • forget the fillings, i just want a Mickey Waffle!

  • I REALLY wish the savory waffle sammie’s were available after 5pm. Nothing against Nutella and strawberries, but at 7pm… I’m looking for a hot chicken! The chefs over at Liberty Tree have some amazing marinaded flank steak at the moment, so (in the spirit of multi purposing) I’m thinking a Beef and Blue waffle sammie, (with the obvious addition of blue cheese) caramelized onions, lettuce, a bit of Greek yogurt… and yes… you could event toss a couple of Crasins on there as well.

  • Breakfast sausage/bacon, scrambled eggs, American cheese.

    Fried chicken with country gravy

    Honey glazed grilled chicken, shredded carrot, white cheddar, romaine, strawberry salsa

    Provolone, Parmesan, pesto, arugula. Option to add grilled chicken or prosciutto.

  • Going in February and have been pondering food choices….
    Now I know where I’m eating lunch!
    @ Steven – I’m guessing that they got the idea from food trucks in California. Some of them have very innovative food from young chefs.
    Sounds better than another burger!!

  • the fruit and Nutella sandwich looks delicious!~
    can u bring this to Hong Kong Disneyland :p

  • I would love to see marinated grilled chicken kabob, roasted red peppers, arugula, provolone and pesto mayo. Shaved beef with smoked cheese, carmalized onions and creamy horseradish. For something sweet, whipped marshmallow with fresh tropical fruit dusted with coconut. I will take one of everything please!!!

    Will these be available gluten free?

  • ever look over at what the other guys (Disneyland) are doing and go ‘pssst… you check out these waffles?’ i love a good waffle and i haven’t seen any in sandwich form at Disneyland. kinda weird you found ’em out here but the park out here doesn’t have ’em. 🙂

    find a good liege waffle recipe and a good speculoos recipe (or buy from a good source). speculoos is an awesome spread for waffles.

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