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A Disney-Style Super Bowl with Disney Institute

How, exactly, do you get 20,000 employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience?

You can start by looking to Disney, which is exactly what the NFL’s Super Bowl team is doing in preparation for the big game taking place in Indianapolis in February. As Frank Supovitz, senior vice president of events for the NFL, said to USA Today this week: “Nobody’s better at it in the world than Disney. You see that any time you go to their theme parks. They’re very customer-oriented.”

Disney Institute Teaming with the NFL to Help Implement Fans First Initiative

Disney Institute is in the second phase of a three-part engagement with Supovitz and his Super Bowl team to help implement Fans First, an initiative designed to improve the fan experience – from airport, to parking lot, to stadium seat and back. The secret lies in the upfront training. Everyone (from manager to front-line worker) has to be on the same page and has to have the same customer-focused goal. It’s similar to the approach we use in Disney Parks around the world.

The end goal? Make all Super Bowl fans feel like VIPs.


  • This is a great move by the NFL. I had the pleasure of attending a Disney Institute program, and I can say without a doubt that what I learned helped promote me from a Marketing Director to a level where I was managing multiple golf properties.
    The most important thing I learned was that “I worked for my employees, not the other way around”! If that doesn’t make sense, attend a DI course or read CREATING MAGIC, by Lee Cockerell and you will understand.
    Have a Magical Day!

  • So glad this will help make service in my state even more filled with “Midwest Hospitality”!

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