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A ‘Towering’ New Race Through the Night at Walt Disney World Resort

Darrell Fry

by , Sports Media Director, Walt Disney World Resort

If you’re a runner, Christmas is coming a little early for you thanks to our runDisney team, which thinks it’s found the perfect gift for you. Open it up by clicking on this video.

Yep, we’re reviving the popular The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror theme and creating The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend at Walt Disney World Resort in 2012. If you like to have a scary good time when you run, this race will be the perfect weekend much like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 13K race we last staged at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2009.

This new race, scheduled for Sept. 29, will follow a similar course – through the set of “Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show’’ and past Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat – but features runDisney’s first-ever 10-mile distance that finishes, appropriately enough, near The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction. If you “survive’’ the experience, you’ll be treated to a shiny new medal and a rocking post-race party with your family and friends that features live music, Disney characters and exclusive access to attractions such as Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, Star Tours, Toy Story Mania! and, of course, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

The new The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror race is our sixth signature runDisney event and the second nighttime race at Walt Disney World Resort. To make room for it, though, we’re shifting our other nighttime event, the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend, to Nov. 9-10 during the final weekend of the popular Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

Like all runDisney events, the race weekend will feature a variety of events, including a 5K, kid’s races and a Health & Fitness Expo all at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort.

Mark your calendars now for Feb. 14. That’s the day you can start registering for the new race at Should be a “terror-ably’’ good time.


  • I am thinking of signing up for this run, but will not be able to do so till the middle of March, I am in the Army and moving to a new assingment so I will have to find out if I am deploying overseas or not. But my questions are how much is it to sign up, is there a picture of the shiny new medal, and for the 5k is there an age limit and are there any goodies for that one? Thank you!


  • How many of your Family members will be allowed to come to the after party and also would they need a theme park ticket?

  • The Tower of Terror 13K was a fantastic event and I am so happy RunDisney is bringing it back as a 10 mile race. Definitely looking forward to combining this event with a Not so Scary trip to the Magic Kingdom and a day of Food and Wine at Epcot! As for Animal Kingdom – FIX the YETI!

  • I hope the local marching bands are there.

  • Please bring this to Disneyland. I have always wanted to run a Disney marathon but I never know when they are till it is too late. Plus I adore ToT.

  • Thanks for bringing this back! Hope you run a companion 5k or relay with it so the whole family can participate at the same time. It would certainly make it more affordable since you wouldn’t need to purchase additional party tickets. Thanks

  • Awesome…. I am a new runner and started running because of runDisney and the races. I am running in 12 days at Marathon Weekend and have 3 Disney runs planned for 2012. I am getting my Coast to Coast this year and will SO add this one to my list! LOVE IT!!!

  • This race sounds fantastic! I also would love to see this race or something like it brought to the West Coast Disneyland!

  • My wife has run all 3 ToT races, and my daughter from the west coast has run 2 with her. We are looking forward to the return of the great ToT, be it 13k or 10 miles. And a new medal to go with it? Wow! Figure it has to be different from the 13k one.

  • When you say shiny New Medal do you mean the design will be different than the previous 13k medals? Also, will this be an inaugural event? Wasn’t sure since the race has been done 3 times, but at a different distance! So happy TOT has returned!

  • I did all three of them. Hoping I can make this one, but the old date was better for me.

    Kind request: Hand out wet wipes at the finish so runners can wipe down a little bit before being in the confined space of the rides with innocent bystanders!

  • How cool is this. After nearly giving up on running what with the 5K in the morning, park hopping during the day and the Wine & Dine at night I sure hope the 5K will be scheduled for the day before to make it easier on this 70 year old pirate.

  • Please bring more races to Disneyland!

  • You should bring more races to Disneyland!! There are such fun ones at Disneyworld, you need to share. How about a Wine & Dine at California Adventure?? It always costs a small fortune to get to Florida. While we don’t live in CA, it’s so much easier to get to Disneyland 🙂

  • I’m with Megan!! Need to bring more races out to Disneyland.

  • We need more races here at Disneyland!

  • Well, here we go again. I need to book another trip. Oh Wo as me! My poor annual pass. This sounds like a great race. I can’t wait to register.

  • I ran all three of the original Tower of Terror 13ks and wish they had kept the distance and created a legacy program for it. I loved the theming and that the distance was short enough that you could still enjoy the after party. My vacation schedule is very tight this year (2 Disney cruises, Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Expedition Everest Challenge and the Disneyland Half Marathon are already included), but I will be there for this event, too!! Thanks for bringing back a Tower of Terror event!!

  • I would love to run this race but I’m wondering if it counts for the Coast to Coast medal.

  • Cute video! Sad to see Food & Wine’s move, but ToT’s will fit the Halloween season that it’ll fall in. Now if only I could see a Star Wars night race during Star Wars Weekends. I need the Force with me if I wanna run! 🙂

  • I’ll be honest, I’m very torn about this decision. I’m all for bringing back the ToT race, but at the same time, I wish this race would have been scheduled for the weekend that the Wine and Dine was bumped to, and left Wine and Dine on the weekend it has traditionally been (and i’ve been planning my vacation around).

  • So, we’d already booked our trip to be there for the Wine & Dine… I guess we’ll just do this one instead. Problem solved! Oh, and access to Rock ‘N Roller Coaster, Toy Story Mania, and Tower of Terror is a very cool perk.

  • Awesome! We did the Tower of Terror in 2009 and it was fantastic. Might have to add this to the vacation list.

  • I hope the medal is different than the 13K they had the previous year. I run them for the Medals!!

  • Excellent. I ran in the final ToT13k, and was disappointed when it was discontinued. I’m glad you’re bringing it back, even if you’re adding another couple miles on to it. Can’t wait to see the new course map!

  • Running past the Tower of Terror at midnight was one of the highlights of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon! This 10K will top that!!

  • Will this count towards the Coast to Coast?

    • No. At this time, only half marathon and marathon distance runDisney races will be eligible for the Coast to Coast Race Challenge.

  • This is awesome! Now we need a 5k at Magic Kingdom! To commemorate Fantasyland next year the “princess” 5k should be at Magic Kingdom!

  • Woohoo! I love this! A new race, a different distance, I am in.

  • Yea! I love nighttime races! No getting up early, no sunscreen in my eyes, no remembering sunglasses while leaving for the race in the dark! Can’t wait!

    When will we get to see the medal?

  • Thank you so much for bringing back the Tower of Tower Race! I can’t wait. I hope someone schedules a Not-So-Scary Halloween Party that week. It would make for a great trip.

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