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Actress Elizabeth Mitchell Sails with Disney Cruise Line to Alaska

This past summer actress Elizabeth Mitchell, most known for her role as Dr. Juliet Burke on ABC’s television series “Lost,” sailed on Disney Cruise Line’s very first voyage to Alaska.

Joined by her husband and son, Elizabeth shared with us the highlights of her family’s experience.

Watch this video to see an Alaskan cruise with Disney through her eyes:

If you could ask Elizabeth one question about her Disney cruise vacation, what would it be?


  • My husband and I met Elizabeth Mitchell this past year. She is a very friendly, gracious, and personable lady. We didn’t let on that we knew who she was either! We loved her in the Santa Clause movies and would love to see her in more Disney movies!

  • Where is your Lafleur? That guy is not Sawyer!! All kiding aside Alaska Crusing is the best experience I have ever had . Thank you Disney ,ABC , LOST , and Elizabeth Mitchell for creating something not only worth watching but something learn from and enjoy for years to come.

  • I did Alaska in August.It was beautiful, and probably the most relaxing trip I have ever taken. Thanks for sharing your vacation pictures and bringing back some wonderful memories for me!

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