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Caption This: Big Al Rings in the New Year at Magic Kingdom Park

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

With New Year’s Eve on the way, I had to share this hilarious photo with you.


It sure looks like Big Al, one of the bears from the former Country Bear Christmas Special at Magic Kingdom Park, sure had a blast at the New Year’s Party! What should his New Year’s resolutions be? And who is going to clean up this mess? You tell us. Go ahead and “Caption This!”


  • I wish you would bring the Christmas AND Vacation shows back. the Bears need Variety & Variety never hurts

  • “This sure is fun! Wonder why I haven’t done this since 2005?”

  • “I knew I shouldn’t have followed the White Rabbit! Oh well. At least I know how to Flutterwacken for the New Year!

  • You said “Dress in a DAPPER outfit”? … oops

  • “I only agreed to this because you told me Bonnie, Beaula, and bubbles were doing the act as well”

  • “How did I get in this diaper? And why am I wearing this hat? And who are all these people?!?!?”

  • “*brain fart*”

  • And Ladies and Gentlemen here is Big Al modeling the latest custom depends. Note the flexibilty in fit to suit Al’s number one New Years resolution to drop those extra pounds. He’ll not need to purchase replacments as the stylish gold pin accents will adjust to fit him no matter what size he chooses. With wash, dry and wear Al has bearly a care in the world.

  • “I sure do hope that next year will be the year my fellow Country Bears and I get to do our holiday show again. And maybe the Vacation Hoedown, too.”

  • “Every year they promise me I can be Father Time. Every year they trick me into being Baby New Year. Oh, my aching head!”

  • “Whaddya mean it’s showtime???!!!!”

  • This great show, along with the Country Bear’s Summer Vacation show, have been gone for far too long! PLEASE BRING THIS HOLIDAY SHOW BACK TO MK! And as Kelly posted, bring back Epcot’s Lights of Winter. It just seems wrong to tease us with a “look what we found in the MK photo album” when the attraction still exists. Why do the folks at Disneyland care enough about that beautiful park to give it the Haunted Mansion overlay, the Small World overlay, the Space Mountain overlay, the Big Thunder Ranch overlays, and poor Magic Kingdom continues to rot to the ground? Have you ridden Splash Mountain lately? Yesterday most of the AAs didn’t work and the work lights were on. Some of the AA scenes from Jungle Cruise weren’t working either.Dumbo’s queue is rusty. So why show us a scene from a classic MK attraction that hasn’t played in many years?? As someone who has lived ‘just down the road’ from WDW for many years, I’ve watched MK deteriorating and it breaks my heart.

  • What a wonderful photo of Big Al!!! Also hoping to see the return of the Christmas Special at the MK in 2012 too (and as Kelly said the Epcot lights too)!

    May everyones New Year be filled with Love, Joy, Prosperity, and Peace!

  • PS If we’re reminiscing about shows missed, I second Country Bear Christmas! And Mickey’s Twas the Night Before Christmas. =)

  • “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day… Oh, sorry folks — wrong show.”

  • In the middle of his act Big Al suddenly remembered Alice’s wild party and the bottle that said “Drink Me” and something about borrowing clothes from Baby Herman.

  • “There were streamers on the saddle, streamers all around And a great big pile of streamers on the ground…”

    • 🙂

  • I sure hope the recent posts here reminiscing about the Country Bears’ Christmas Special are indicative of an intent to bring it back next year. I know I’m not the only one who misses it, along with EPCOT’s Lights of Winter!

    Happy New Year!

    • No, the posts are just a look back at this old offering.

  • His new years resolution will to bring the country bears back to Anaheim!

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