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Caption This: It’s Christmas For the Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World Resort

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

This is definitely one of the most unique shots I’ve ever seen of Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom Park. It sure looks like the dog has turned into Santa’s little helper for the day!

Caption This: It’s Christmas For the Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World Resort

Will he be touched by the holiday spirit and finally give the key to the jailed pirates? Could they tempt the dog with a special gift? What present would you suggest? You tell us. Go ahead and “Caption This!”


  • “Ummmmm…..did anyone even check to see if the door is locked?!?”

  • Forget the key … we want that hat!

  • Yo Ho Ho Ho!

  • Okay, I hear an iPad 2 from “cheeks” and an ear scratch from “powder blue peasant blouse” dude. Whatcha got “eyebrows”?

  • yes, yes were waiting for Santa Paws too now drop the key. Stop being naughty and start being nice.

  • “Hey Mutt, quick give us the keys”
    “I say grab his ears”
    “No don’t do that hes Santa’s little helper”

  • Quick, play that copy of the barking-dog Jingle Bells, and maybe he’ll join in and drop it!

    • Ha! Love it.

  • “Hey dog, you’re no better than us. We know you took that hat from Small World Holiday or the Haunted Mansion. Give us the key or we’re telling Mickey!”

  • You know the rules – no presents until you go to sleep.


    Oops, sorry, wrong cell.

  • Yo HO, Yo HO, Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho! 5 golden Doubloons, 4 pirate patches, 3 chasing wenches, 2 cannonballs, and a parrot in a funny hat

  • Wait a second…we’ve been doing this for 38 years and I just notice NOW that the dog has been wearing a Santa hat? You know you’ve been doing this too long when…

  • Jack Sparrow (In the background): You keep doing that forever, the dog is NEVER going to get you eggnog!

    Prisoner #2: Well excuse me if we haven’t resorted ourselves to the fruitcake just yet!

  • “Guys, it’s been 38 years, maybe we should try something else?”

  • “Come on, I really am Santa. Look, would I wear this shirt, or grow this beard! So, give me the keys or you’ll get cat nip in your stocking this year.”

  • “If ya dip the end of that bone in some Hot Buttered Rum, I might consider givin ya this key!”

    • Good one!

  • Ain’t it tonic? Holding life and death between one’s teeth? Give me the bone, and no one gets hurt.

  • “You would think after all these years that dog would come over here”

  • Sorry Guys, your on my naughty list (checked it twice) so no key. Do have lumps of coal tho!

    • 🙂

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