• Hold on just a minute while I get control of these balloons, and I will finish raising the American Flag on the top of the Main Street Emporium… 😉

  • I love working on Main Street, but this isn’t what I had in mind when they asked me to work some OVER TIME!

  • “Is that ride included with park admission and do you need a fast pass?”

  • Disneyland job posting:


  • Disney goes that extra ‘step’ to assure there are Hidden Mickeys EVERYWHERE at Disneyland!

  • Disneyland job posting

    Wanted: Disneyland Main Street Balloon vendor, must wear heavy shoes.

  • “I’m ALL right, I’m O-kay!…”

  • A little known fact is that Mr. Bill worked part-time at Disneyland as a balloon vendor.

  • Houston, we have a problem.

  • Who says Pixie Dust is the only way to get to Neverland? 😛

  • Let’s go fly a… balloon? I guess balloons were cheaper than kites

  • A young John Lasseter in the crowd:

    “Hmmmm, I have an idea for a movie…”

  • Quick the Dummy, I mean Cast Member is going to fly away….

  • Carl Fredricksen: “Who untied these from the Emporium?!!”

  • Do you mind holding these while I tie my shoe?

  • Gonzo, eat your heart out!

  • So that’s where they got the idea for Soarin’.

  • How do you think Mary Poppins started out?!?!?

  • Now this is the picture that Pixar used for UP.

  • An early screen test for “Up”.

  • “Escape from Gilligan’s Island!”

  • Uhhhh… Mr. Fredricksen!!! Wanna earn the assisting the youth badge?

  • this might be a good movie idea lets keep it on the back burner!!!

  • “what I do to get into Disneyland Free”

  • “aw crap….I am so getting fired for this.”

  • Oh, no! Maleficent is getting away! Somebody stop here before she hits the parking lot!

  • “Adventure is out there!”

  • Carried away with excitement..


  • Billy did it again… the coast guard. He usually ends up at sea.

  • “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” 😉

  • To infinity AND BEYOND!!

  • “Hey, I bet if we attatch more of these we could make a house go UP!” <— maybe the future writer of the story UP! was a child at Disneyland that day! 🙂

  • Mr. Fredrickson would be proud! (see: UP)

  • Coming In 1962: Our 1st F-Ticket Ride!

  • I think I was there that day … was 6 years old

  • JIMMINY — DON’T LET GO !!!!!

  • “Casey would fly with the help of balloons while the band played on!!” Sung to the tune of “Casey woud waltz with the Strawberry Blond.”

  • “If the boss finds out I’ve lost these, he’ll KILL me!”

  • There’s gotta be an easier way to put the star on top of that Christmas tree!

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