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Cars Land Update at Disney California Adventure Park – Leaning Tower of Tires Installed at Luigi’s Casa della Tires

As the executive producer for Cars Land for the last 4 1/2 years, I’ve had the incredible privilege of seeing our project transform from concept sketches to the construction and installation phases. It’s so exciting to see the site get one step closer to completion every day and I continue to be amazed at all the work our talented team has done to make Cars Land a reality at Disney California Adventure park.

This part of the project is always my favorite because you can see the project really taking shape. We’re now testing all the rides, completing primary construction and installing major show pieces.

One of our biggest show pieces – the leaning tower of tires in front of Luigi’s Casa della Tires – was installed recently. It was a big production as we literally parked a crane in the middle of the job site to lift the tires into place! Cathy Ritenour, our production designer, was responsible for ensuring the tower was fabricated and installed to our specifications. Cathy gives a little more explanation about the tower in the video below that I think you’ll find interesting.

There are a lot more show pieces coming in the near future. Keep checking back with the Disney Parks Blog and see what else we’re up to at Cars Land!


  • I am so excited! I love the Imagineers hard hats! I wish I had one!

  • This is very exciting news. My wife and I are looking forward to going to Disneyland and CA Adventure next year and Cars Land is a big update to look forward to. Thanks for the video!

  • We are planning our first family trip to Disneyland for next summer, just in time to experience Cars Land! The last time I was at DL I was 5 (I’m 36 now)- I can’t wait to see all that’s new and tell my own kids how it was when I was there as a child!

  • Can’t wait to see it. Love all the details and little touches. Keep the videos coming. Love the updates.

  • Kids are so excited over this

  • I’m so-so about Cars as a movie… but the return of a “flying saucer” type ride has me ecstatic! I never got to ride the original, but an improved version sounds AWESOME!

  • Ah, the glorious Leaning Tower of Tires!…Guido and Luigi are my favorite residents of Radiator Springs.

    Cars Land looks so cool! We Disney World fans are so jealous of Disneylanders right now.

  • Looking good 🙂 Can’t wait!

  • PLEASE tell me the Imagineers are going to put an apostrophe on the Luigi’s sign… 🙂

  • wow how cool is that when is carsland scheduled to be open?? were planning our 3rd trip to disneyland and would love to come when the carsland is open…

  • I know Carsland is opening in Summer 2012, do you know about which month it will open? We are trying to plan our trip and book hotels.


  • Wow! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Very exciting! Is there a planned month that Carsland is going to open? I plan on going back to the resort the second week in June and hoping that this brand new land is open by the time I go!

  • can’t wait!!!!!

  • Awesome! I love the Cars movies and I cannot say enough how much I am excited for Cars Land.

    Kathy, my sister and I spoke with you briefly at the 2009 D23 Expo and we spoke with Kevin Rafferty at the 2011 Expo. Thanks so much to you and the rest of the Cars Land team!

    I love the size and scope of this project. Its going to be so awesome to get to walk in and explore Radiator Springs!

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