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‘Disney Parks Christmas Parade’ Broadcast Will Include Special Shazam Experience

Thomas Smith

by , Editorial Content Director, Disney Experiences

I know there are quite a few blog readers who can’t wait to see the “Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade” on ABC-TV – it’s tradition, right? Well, this year, we’ve got a surprise. For the first time, you’ll be able to access exclusive, behind-the-scenes content during the parade with the Shazam smartphone mobile app.


It’s simple to “Shazam” the parade. Throughout the telecast, you’ll see the Shazam logo appear on your television screen and that’s your cue to activate the app. Then you’ll be able to find all sorts of surprises, including a sneak preview of Luigi’s Flying Tires, which is part of Disney’s upcoming Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park, and a special video with OneRepublic. There’s also a build your own gingerbread cookie experience and more to discover.

For information on the parade telecast, check back here for updates and also visit The Shazam smartphone app is available for free download from the iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Try it out and let us know what you think.


  • I have heard from friends that my disney memories interwiew is shown. Where can I find this? I have the Shazam app, but there is not search option, will the parade be available online?

  • Will this also work on the Windows Phone 7 Shazam App?

  • Please please please show the Christmas parades in the UK….

  • We live in Germany and would love to watch the parade as well. Will the broadcast be available online as well? The abc player is usually only available to recipients in the United States. How about YouTube?

  • Do you have an android app?

  • I would also like to know if the parade will be available for streaming online! It looks like my local ABC affiliate won’t be showing the parade (they have local church services scheduled for broadcast instead). I will be so sad if my family has to miss out on one of our favorite Christmas traditions!

  • @ Colleen and Tobi It should be the same app. It is a music identifying program and there should be one available for the ipad too!

  • YAY!!! I’m so excited to see the performances!!! I saw Christina Aguilera in the promo video!! I can’t wait to hear her sing!!

  • There is already an application in iTunes called Shazam. It is a music identifier program. Is yours a different program by the same name?

  • Does it have to be a smart phone? Can you do this from an iPod Touch or an iPad?

    • Yes Tobi, Shazam is available on the iPod Touch and iPad.

  • That’s very cool. By the way, when is the Mobile Magic app coming out for the iPhone? Your last report said fall… now it’s winter.

  • Will the parade be available for streaming online?

  • Will this work if we’ve DVR’d the parade? We never actually get to view it live, but it is a tradition we love! Thanks!

    • Yes, viewers who Shazam the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade on ABC will be able to enjoy the Shazam experience for up to 3 months after the initial broadcast.

  • YES!!! Cannot wait to see this! Do you by chance know if the commercial for the Parade will be uploaded online? Family & friends who’ve seen it on TV say that I’m in it, & I really want to see it!

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