Giving is our Way at Disneyland Resort

Kevin Rafferty, Jr.

by , Communications, WDI

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Enjoying the Holiday Season

‘Twas the season of giving at the Disneyland Resort, and in keeping with our annual tradition, we hope you’ll enjoy caroling about this year’s community support to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.” Happy holidays!

Community called, we were listenin’,
At the ready, our smiles a glistenin’
Bringing holiday cheer,
And donating all year,
Giving is our way at Disneyland.

We gave away – record donations,
To charities, and foundations
$13 million was contributed,
in So Cal it was distributed,
Giving is our way at Disneyland.

For the kids cast members held a toy drive,
Led by the one and only Mickey Mouse
He said: Are you giving?
We said: Yes Mick,
Thousands to the Toys-for-Tots warehouse.

Our wish program — we conspired,
By the children, we were inspired
With characters enchanted,
550 wish trips granted,
Giving is our way at Disneyland.

At a park together we built a playground,
For Anaheim children it did please
Adopt-a-Family helped 700 people,
Marine families received lots of Christmas trees.

Ticket requests, came to fruition,
For nonprofits – theme park admission
16 thousand donations,
to 4 thousand organizations,
Giving is our way at Disneyland.

The call for help, we were listenin’,
VoluntEARs workin’ and whistlin’
85 thousand hours this year,
One hundred sixty events with our gear,
Giving is our way at Disneyland.

In the schools we helped to build art programs,
About 200 grants that we gave
College aid for 10 high school seniors,
Five thousand in tuition each will save.

To volunteer, the feeling’s thrillin’,
Dreams at CHOC, we are a’ fillin’
At the CHOC Walk day,
Or holiday party to play,
Giving is our way at Disneyland.

Giving is our way at Disneyland.
Giving is our way at Disneyland.


  • The Mouse is to be roundly commended for the incredible year of giving… Truly generous!!! Thanks for all you do.

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