Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Snowman Cards

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Snowman Cards

I’m always looking for unique holiday card ideas, so when a fellow cast member here at the Disneyland Resort told me about these make-your-own Mickey Mouse snowman cards, I couldn’t wait to make a pile of them. As you can see, I’ve already started giving them out here at the office – starting with Disney Parks Blog author Jim.

If you’d like to make some of these beauties yourself, just jump over to for the template and instructions!


  • hi erin- totally unrelated but I love the image of Main St from what I perceive to be dawn (no one around, lights are on – but the sun is just coming up). It was the banner image for the primary blog URL on 12/7/2011 and I wish I could see the entire shot.

    Maybe Disney could come up with some desktops or a review of all of the great holiday banner shots that have been up – parades, santa, holiday scenes, etc. It’s so wonderful to see all of that Christmas magic!

  • I already made these cards for my 2011 Christmas cards 🙂

  • As you should be! It looks like a very nice handmade card. 🙂

  • I’m going to make one for my nephew for Christmas!

  • Nice job, Erin! It looks like Jim thinks your card looks great, too.

    • Thanks, Bob! I was pretty proud of it. 🙂

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