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Music on Main Street, U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park

Few places reflect that great American spirit of optimism and achievement like Main Street, U.S.A., and one element that truly sings out to me is the live entertainment that thrives there. Turn-of-the-century ragtime piano music underscores the sense of energy and enthusiasm that Main Street, U.S.A., embraces for all who visit, and just outside of Casey’s Corner, it is performed every day, to everyone’s delight.

What a treat it was to happen upon one of our talented piano players recently as he was transporting our guests to a different time and place by virtue of the nostalgic and rousing music he was performing. Do yourself a favor next time you are in Magic Kingdom Park and boogie on down to Casey’s Corner for a hot dog and some of the finest toe-tapping ragtime piano you will ever hear. Trust me on this.


  • Jimmy’s the best 🙂

  • I’m sure they’re all wonderful, but I’m surprised that this is not the entertainer with whom I’m most familiar.

  • My favorite is still Rod Miller on Main Street in Disneyland. Been stopping to hear him and watch him play since the early 1970’s.
    Fantastic entertainment and a truly fun performer!

  • On our first trip to Disney in December of 2007, my then-fiance (now husband) and I got into a knock-down, drag-out argument on Main Street (over, of all things, whether we were going to eat lunch at Pecos Bill’s or at Cosmic Ray’s).

    Suddenly, as we were shouting in, I will admit, non-Disney appropriate language, the Trolley Singers arrived and started in on “Ding ding ding went the trolley…” Who can argue with that as the accompaniment? The disagreement quickly diffused with a shared laugh and we headed to Pecos Bill’s for some burgers (BTW, I won… : ) ).

  • I actually interviewed Rick, the man who recorded much of the music you hear on MAIN STREET USA not too long ago.

  • Imm33. From childhood to young adulthood I always remember only one man playing the piano. He was tall and slender and wore glasses. He was like a Disney staple to me. it’s weird to me to see someone else playing the piano.

  • Mackenzie-
    Dumbo is scheduled to be open until January 9, 2012, and although the Sorcerer in the Kingdom cards are presently under development at the Magic Kingdom Park, they are not scheduled to be available until early 2012. Hope that helps and hope your family has a fantastic holiday with us!

  • Hi my family is going to Disney World in 13 days and we were wondering if Dumbo will be open and we would also like to know if Sorcerers in the Kingdom cards are available for purchase there. Please write back.

  • My wife and I had a video of one of the piano players from our honeymoon 19 years ago, really a comical player. We really enjoyed his playing the several years after that we visited. It became a thing for us to see if he was there year after year. Definitely a nice touch to the area.

  • During our most recent trip, our family grabbed a seat outside Casey’s to hear the pictured cast member play while munching on some corn dog nuggets. Great memory and music!

  • For lovers of the sounds of the park, and for those who truly love the music of Main Street, much of it can be found on the album “Your Father’s Moustache Volume 2” by Albert White and the Gaslight Orchestra.

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