Name Tags for Our Four-Legged Disneyland Resort Cast Members

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Those of you who are regular visitors to Disney Parks know how to spot a cast member: by their costume (obviously), by their smile (it’s hard not to be happy working here) and by that one indispensable piece of attire – their name tag.

As we’ve learned in previous Disney Parks Blog posts about the Circle D Corral, its four-legged residents are just as much cast members as myself and my bipedal colleagues. So naturally these cast members have their own name tags.

Cast Member Name Tags for the Horses at Circle D Corral at Disneyland Resort

The photo above shows some of the Circle D horses’ name tags, which are used on this board to show where each horse is throughout the day. It helps the human cast members at the corral easily locate the horses.

Cast Member Name Tags for the Goats at Circle D Corral at Disneyland Resort

But it’s not just the horses who have their own name tags. In the photo above, you can see some of the name tags for the Circle D goats. (Side note: If you haven’t seen the video Heather shared of the baby goats born at the corral last year, stop what you’re doing and watch it here right now.)

These are just the name tags at the Circle D Corral, though. Some of these cast members have name tags displayed where guests can see them when they are in Disneyland park – do you know where?


  • I remember seeing the goats names on collars around their neck. One has the same name as my niece Katie, so we took a picture of her! The goat I mean!!

  • You forgot to show the large ones that are placed on the horse drawn carriages on Main Street

  • Pongo is the coolest goat!

  • Large versions of the horses’ name tags are mounted on the inside of the Main Street trolley cars they’re escorting… 😛

  • I also like Pocahontas the donkey. I love all the Disney themed names for the animals. One of our traditions when coming into Disneyland in the morning is to stop and watch the horses, and look for their name badges, which used to be visible on their harness, but we’ve found that we have to look inside the trolly for the big version. The horses are so funny and have such personality. We’ve seen them so excited they wouldn’t stop they just kept going, and the CM said, “we’ll be back in a few minutes” to the waiting guests. We’ve also seen them refuse to move. So funny, when they get in moods. It’s our way of getting a good laugh right off the bat. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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