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New Enchanted Art Will Magically Come Alive on the Disney Fantasy

Earlier this week I told you about the new Muppets Adventure Game using Enchanted Art on the Disney Fantasy. Today I want to give you the first-ever look at some of the other Enchanted Art guests will enjoy.

One of my favorite new pieces is “Pinkie Daisy” featuring Daisy Duck inspired by Thomas Lawrence’s famous painting “Sarah Barrett Moulton: Pinkie.” Play the video below to see how the artwork magically comes alive.

This magical art appears like other hanging art pieces around the ship, but it is actually a framed LCD screen that utilizes technology to create special effects, “recognizing” a guest is present and activating several seconds of animation.

Some examples of other Enchanted Art new to the Disney Fantasy include:

  • Dual circus art posters featuring Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse flying from one frame into the other – a nod to the Disney Fantasy stern characters.
  • Walt Disney animating three new clips that spring from his sketch pad, featuring the Fab Five: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto.
  • Scenes from Disney’s classic animated film “Fantasia” depicting dancing fairies set to “Nutcracker Suite” and a frolicking unicorn and satyr set to “The Pastoral Symphony”.
  • Fanciful animations of “Alice in Wonderland” inspired by Disney Legend Mary Blair’s artwork.

Which of these new masterpieces on the Disney Fantasy matches your art taste most?


  • I love it. You have so much fun with plus-iting on these boats. They just get better and better and more incredible. Thank goodness you guys are cruising.

    Did you guys do blue boy too? They are inseparable; I love seeing these paintings at the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. (For those of you not native to California, the Huntington Library was the home of railroad and real estate tycoon Henry E. Huntington, now it is home to a library of rare, antique books (ie Gutenberg Bible), but also has an immense garden and art collection worth visting.)

  • That’s incredible! I think it’s great to see so many top artists incorporate Disney characters into their portfolios (e.g. Thomas Kinkade) because it’s an easy way to help children get introduced to fine art at a young age.

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