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Pepper Market at Disney’s Coronado Springs Tries Out a New Buffet

It’s only a test, but we expect the new buffet concept at the Pepper Market in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort might stay. The former “food court”-style dining has been replaced with a concept that suits families and conventioneers – a quick bite and a diversity of flavors.

Pepper Market at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World Resort

The restaurant looks the same, but instead of ordering from stations, you now pay a set price and it’s all you care to eat for everything from roast beef (or pork or turkey) to paninis, slices of pizza, pasta, salads and Mexican fare. We paired an enchilada with mashed potatoes, and had the kitchen make us a personal-size pizza instead of just ordering a slice of cheese or pepperoni. Everything is made from scratch, says Chef Stephen Wheeler.

Breakfast is waffles, made-to-order omelets, French toast, biscuits and gravy, pancakes and all the extras to accompany.

The buffet is for breakfast and lunch, dinner is a la carte. Cost is $14.99 for breakfast, $8.99 ages 3 to 11, and $16.99 for lunch, $9.99 ages 3 to 11. Non-alcoholic drink and dessert included.

Carved to Order Roast of the Day Available at the Pepper Market in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World Resort Choose From Sandwiches and More When Dining at the Pepper Market in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World Resort Mexican Fare Available at the Pepper Market in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World Resort


  • Table service or counter service for dining plan?

    • Counter service and 1 entitlement on the Dining Plan.

  • This is a much better use of the space. I stayed at Coronado Springs in January 2011 and I hated eating at the resort because of the set up at Pepper Market and the incredibly bad service at the restaurant.

  • We’ll be staying at Coronado Springs 1/6/12 – 1/11/12. Any idea if it will still be a buffet concept then?


    • Buffet still should be in test phase!

  • Is this buffet on the Disney Dining Plan? Food looks great and we’d love to eat there.

    • Yes, on the Dining Plan, 1 entitlement.

  • I don’t like the concept for CSR. So the only place to grab counter service type food is at Rix Cafe? I love CSR (and we’ve stayed there numerous times) and part of the reason is that both the table service at Maya Grill and the quick service at Pepper Market were a great balance. Now that’s it’s shifted to two table service and only one counter service (with very limited options in a space that gets easily overcrowded), I’m wondering if CSR is being transitioned to a lower level deluxe.

  • Not happy about this at all!! We always stay at Coronado and enjoy the Pepper Market. Neither of us are big eaters and we prefer to pick what we’ll eat and pay for that.

  • Please help Here is a question I have I noticed that all of the restaurants at CSR do not appear on either the Quick Service or Table Service Dining Plan Phamplets for 2012. Did they remove CSR from the dining plan. They are all on the 2011 phamplet but none on the 2012. Any clarification would be appreciated.

    • Pepper Market is on the Dining Plan (1 entitlement).

  • The buffet sounds good. We stayed at the CSR when we last visited WDW in March. The food was always good in the food court, and since it was covered under the meal plan it took the stress out of what to order. Will the buffet be included on the meal plans?

    • Yes!

  • I have the same question as Paul; will this restaurant continue to count as a counter-service or table-service restaurant on the DDP?

    • Counter service.

  • We have stayed at Coronado many times – love the resort, but always hated Pepper Market. I think this change is good, but really would like to know what it would be considered on the dining plan now.

    • 1 entitlement on the Dining Plan.

  • If this becomes a permanent fixture, will the dining plan entitlement change to table service like all other buffets?

  • I know that many are skeptical of this change, but we just returned from Coronado Springs and we used one of our counter service credits for breakfast at the Pepper Market and we were very pleased. I think that perhaps for people not on the dining plan, they might not be willing to pay the prices for a buffet style breakfast or lunch as you don’t always want all that food for those meals and would rather grab something quick. Plus there are drink servers who you also are encouraged to tip. This is a great value if you are a part of free dining or have purchased the dining plan. But I understand why people who are paying meal to meal would be discouraged against eating here. There is always Rix if you want to grab something smaller in the morning or have a meal at lunchtime. They were cooking burgers, hot dogs, grilled turkey sandwiches and some other things during lunch when we were there.

  • Our family loves the made to order philly cheese steak sandwiches,can we still order them?

  • Our vacation is Feb 1 through Feb 9 will the buffet still be going on?

  • One quick service entitelment or one table service entitelment?

  • Our family really loves the Pepper Market! The quality of the food has always been supurb! But that brings us to a question…

    While eating there a couple years ago, our waitress told us that an outside company (can’t remember the name for the life of me) provides the food for the restaurant. Hence, that is why the food has a little difference compared to other restaurants on Disney property. With the change of the restaurant going to a buffet, is the food still provided by that outside company? Or will Disney being providing it from here on?

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