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Shirts Showcase the World at Epcot

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort


I love tee-shirts. I have two dresser drawers filled with shirts that I’ve acquired over the years (I’ll save the discussion about my “Aloha” shirt collection for a future Disney Parks Blog post). During my recent search for holiday gifts from World Showcase in Epcot, I photographed several new shirts that caught my eye (like I need another shirt!). The top image features two new shirts that made me long for yet another Kalua pork slider from the Hawai’i Marketplace at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. I know I will be sporting either shirt during a future trip around the world.


I asked Sylvie Brumbaugh, product developer for World Showcase, about the new shirts I found in the Norway and Canada Pavilions.

“We wanted to add an element of fun to the World Showcase shirt assortment,” explained Sylvie. “The ‘How to Dress’ shirts were a nod to the ‘How To’ cartoons staring Goofy. In Norway, one of the most popular items is the Viking helmet. I wanted a shirt that would complete the story, so we introduced a Viking body shirt. I’m considering turning that shirt into an apron as it would be perfect for grilling season.”


Sylvie also created a new shirt using with the ever popular Norwegian trolls. She said drinkware using the image and tagline pictured above is also coming soon.


Another item arriving soon is a shirt for Germany Pavilion featuring Grumpy. The back of the shirt has the German translation of the phrase found on the front – “Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch.”

I also liked the strong graphic-focused shirts found in several countries. There is a new “opening year” program that comes in both shirt and hoodie styles. I particularly liked the shirt from France Pavilion with the words “vin, pain and fromage” – my dinner of champions.

There will be additional graphic shirts coming in the next few months – including one arriving in Germany Pavilion this spring that had me yelling, “Goooooooal!” But that’s a story for another time.


  • Love the “I know a little German,” as Grumpy is my husband’s fav.
    Any way I can get this “little German” up here?

  • A Viking apron for grilling would be perfect! Please, do it, Sylvie Brumbaugh!

    • @Robert – Thank you. I don’t know of any plans for such an outfit for Duffy. Yet he has a few additional outfits coming in 2012. Look for a future Disney Parks Blog article about them.

      @Susana – Great! So when is dinner? I’ll bring the Lefse 🙂

  • I think the Its a Troll World and the Canadian Mountie shirts have a future in my closet! 🙂

    All of the ones you posted are unique and nice….always happy to see stuff like this appear!

    Speaking of Canadian Mountie….my boy would love a Duffy outfit in that style.

  • These are AWESOME! Too bad we missed them when we visited in Aug. Is there anyway to purchase them other than in the parks? 🙂

  • how can I get the drinking around the world tee shirts from ep cot??? would like to order them on line for a few family members…thanks for any info you can give me.

    • @Danielle – Thank you for the kind words! There are several more shirts that I think you may enjoy. The article only had room for a handful.

      @Andrew – I will share your feedback with the development team.

      @Paul – I just visited Germany Pavilion today (Dec. 27) and unfortunately they have not arrived yet. I’d say look for it in early 2012.

      @Patricia & Janice – Your best option for now would be to contact Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Merchandise Guest Services at 1-877-560-6477 or send an email to:

      Below are a few item #s for reference:

      Food Around the World – 400005668517
      Beverages Around the World – 400005668555
      Viking Body – 400005483127
      How To Dress Like a Viking (Adult) – 400005471773
      How To Dress Like a Viking (Child) – 400005471902
      It’s A Troll World – 400005471940
      It’s A Troll World Magnet (something new) – 400005470691
      It’s A Troll World Hooded Sweatshirt (also new) – 400005466533
      How To Dress Like a Canadian Mountie (Child) – 400005040535
      Canadian Mountie Body – 400005055591

  • When will the Grumpy shirt be released? I’m excited to get my hands on that one!

  • I love the T-shirts, but it would be great if you would also make them in larger sizes. We can never find sizes in 2,3 or even 4X in any of the Disney t-shirts. It would be great if you could find them in the larger sizes.

  • I would love to be able to purchase these shirts and Epcot merchandise on line. These cute shirts weren’t available when we were there in May ’11. Please help!!

  • Love all these unique items to the WS at EPCOT. Keep ’em coming. I definitely plan to pick up one or two (or three?) during our next visit.

  • love all the shirts but how about some 3xxxl sizes for those of us who are more abundant than others 🙂

    • @Katie – Sylvie told me that unfortunately the “How to Dress” shirt will only be offered in kids’ sizes for now. Sorry.

      @Skip – I don’t know of any such plans but I just photographed a new silhouette graphic of World Showcase that will be featured on glassware and dishware. It’s cool and I will probably discuss in a future article.

      @Brian – Thanks for the feedback. I will share with the World Showcase team.

  • Is there a shirt with just a geographic picture of each of the countries, causing inquiring minds to wonder what they all have in common?

  • I LOVED T-shirt so much that I have over 100! I just had to buy the How to Dress like a Viking and the It’s A Troll World shirts on my most recent trip to WDW. I really wanted to get the How to Dress Like a Mountie but, unfortunately they only had kid sizes. So my question is, will this shirt ever be in adult sizes? I really hope the How to Dress Like shirts get one for each country.

  • I love looking at the different shirts! My favorite is the troll one!

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