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Take A Look At How We Put Up Our Christmas Tree at Disneyland Park

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” I can hear the classic holiday tune in my head as I watch the video below. The Christmas tree at Disneyland park is now up at Christmas Tree point. An amazing team of people made it happen and we were there with our Disney Parks Blog camera. It’s not an easy task. The artificial evergreen is 60 feet tall and decked out with more than 1,800 ornaments and glistens with 70,000 lights. Now that it’s up, we invite our guests to help “light” the tree every evening (one year, the legendary Bob Hope was invited to swing a golf club to “tee off” the lights). It’s another magical Disneyland park moment that you want to make sure to see when you visit during the holiday season.


  • Sorry, but I still wish it was a real tree! I miss those days 🙁

  • I love that tree!

  • Agreed about missing the real tree! Not that this one isn’t beautiful, but it was always fun to convince people that “yes, that’s a real tree”… and it smelled so good!

  • How’s it holding up in the wind?

  • It is a beautiful tree in person, but what happened to “Merry Christmas”? Disney puts so much into all their details for every holiday and Christmas time is the best. I just wish they would get back to the true meaning. 🙂

  • It’s the most amazing feeling being right up next to the tree with all the ornaments and toys in it’s branches and gazing waaaay up at the star on top. I love the Christmas tree!

  • We were just the parks for three days after Thanksgiving.. I walked up & touched the tree & was SHOCKED that it was fake! As my Guests & I talked, I told them how it is NORMALLY a LIVE tree in water… Is there an explanation as to why this is a fake tree this year? I understood that the Disney Company owns their own tree farm in the N.West.. Thanks,Terry

  • I would love to just tour the storage, background, and especially underground areas of Disneyland, just for the sake of seeing the daily workings of what it takes to make Disneyland all it is.

  • I’m so sad I won’t be able to see it this year. Thanks for sharing it via the blog.

  • @Terry: The tree has been fake since 2008. The reason for the switch was due to fire/safety hazards.

  • Thanks for sharing! One day I hope to go to a Disney park during the Christmas season. I think the tree looks very real.

  • I can understand why some are disappointed that the the new is not real anymore, but using an artificial tree is better for the environment.

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