Where at Disney Parks Can You Find… Dec. 6, 2011

Where at the Disneyland Resort Can You Find These?

It’s that time again for “Where at Disney Parks Can You Find…” Do you know where at the Disneyland Resort you would find these and what they are?

Umbrellas Hanging from the Ceiling at the Disneyland Hotel in the Fantasy Tower

If you said they are umbrellas hanging from the ceiling at the Disneyland Hotel in the Fantasy Tower, close to Goofy’s Kitchen and Steakhouse 55, you are correct.


  • Hey, aren’t open umbrellas indoors bad luck :).

  • Yeah, boo, I’m calling judges’ decision on this one– 😉
    I’d have no problem if the header said “Where in Disney RESORTS can you find..?” but that would be a tip-off that it wasn’t in the parks. Then again, that could be an idea for a separate category.

  • That is at the Disneyland Hotel not in the parks.

  • Those are the umbrella lights in the lobby of the Fantasy tower!

  • I think they are umbrella lights in the Disneyland Hotel.

  • Disneyland Hotel, grand ballroom

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