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Would You Trust Goofy to Trim the Tree at Disney Parks?

Last week, we watched our pal Santa Goofy dream about his own snowfall at Disney Parks. This week, he plans to put the final touches on his Christmas tree with a few ornaments.

Goofy + fragile ornaments? You probably can guess where this is going.



  • That’s why you make sure you have extra ornaments when he’s around. :o)

    • I agree! Or have some plush ornaments for Goofy to hang.

  • aw poor Goofy! I would let him help =)

    • You are very kind, Samantha. I’ll have to give Goofy a heads-up to read this so he’ll know that!

  • No I would not, but I would thow confetee on New Years! 🙂

    • Good idea, Brian. Confetti’s not as fragile!

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