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A Lesson in Tonga Toast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World Resort

We can’t imagine there’s any Disney fan who hasn’t tasted the indulgent Tonga Toast, on the menu at Disney’s Polynesian Resort since 1971. In case you haven’t tried the deep-fried concoction, check out this “Taste of Disney” video, part of the series for Chef Lawrence Searl from Disney’s Kona Cafe shows you how to make this delicious breakfast treat at home. For the full recipe, go to


  • Watched the video and thought I’d give it a try – my husband has many fond childhood memories of this treat. AMAZING! Very easy to prep, cook, and clean up. This will be a definite “keeper” in my recipe file. (I added vanilla to the recipe that’s on the given link)

  • Sorry, never even heard of it and I am a HUGE Disney fan. I need to see if I can make this gluten free. What are the proportions of milk, egg, and vanilla?

  • Every visit since our honeymoon my wife orders the Tonga Toast and the fruit tray with the banana nut bread at least once during our stay as room service. No questions asks. Its amazing.

  • This looks great. I can’t believe out of all the times I’ve been to the Polynesian Resort that I haven’t tried this yet. I certianly will next trip!

  • #9 – No visit to WDW is complete for me, unless I have Tonga Toast at the Poly!! I’m happy we have the next closest thing to this at Storyteller’s Cafe at the Disneyland Resort when I get home!

  • I LOVE Tonga Toast! I’ve seen the recipe online before but I’m a visual learner, so this video is much appreciated. Mahalo plenty!!

  • This is also available as a quick service item for breakfast at Captain Cooks at Polymesain Hotel main floor. Same recipe, and only a quick service versus a table service at Kona’s for those on the dining packages 🙂

  • So the video says the batter is made up of milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla. The Taste of Disney website that she says to visit for the recipe says it uses milk, eggs, sugar and cinnamon. Which way do we go with this? Guess I am going to have to make it twice huh? :o)

  • C’mon man! After 11 trips to Disney I though we’d seen it all. I guess we’ll have to go again so we can have try this.

  • Oh, my goodness… I never knew this existed. I think I will have to make this as a special treat for my family soon and I will definitely be making breakfast reservations at the Poly for my next visit this fall!

  • I, too, always have breakfast at Kona Cafe whether we stay at the Polynesian or at another WDW hotel. I always ordered the Tonga Toast and the delicious Kona press pot coffee UNTIL I tried the Pineapple Macadamia Nut Pancakes. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!What a decision to make early in the morning! There have been times we went to Kona twice in the same vacation so I could indulge and order both! Love it … thanks Disney for giving us a little part of heaven on earth.

  • This is by FAR, my favorite breakfast at WDW. Even when I do not stay at the Poly, I make it a point during every trip to pop over and indulge. Nothing comes close to Tonga Toast! 🙂

  • This was my breakfast for just about every day during our trip in ’08 – DELICIOUS!! It’s nice to be able to make at home, but just not the same unless you’re eating it sitting in a hammock on the beach at the Polynesian overlooking Seven Seas Lagoon early in the morning

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