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Altered Reality at the Disneyland Resort

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is done in post-production with software by taking one image or a series of images, combining them, and adjusting the contrast ratios to do things that are almost impossible with a single exposure. You can adjust the photo slightly or significantly to create stunning imagery.

As I was thinking about what to do for the first HDR series, I naturally thought about Mickey’s Toontown with its diverse subject matter. When I saw this first image finished, it reminded me of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence from “Fantasia.”

Altered Reality at the Disneyland Resort

Altered Reality at the Disneyland Resort Altered Reality at the Disneyland Resort Altered Reality at the Disneyland Resort Altered Reality at the Disneyland Resort

I’m planning to share some more HDR images, so check back soon.


  • Love these!! Keep them coming!

  • Awesome, Paul!
    Keep them coming =)

  • These are great, really offers a neat perspective on Toon Town. I think Disney should do some sort of photography tour/seminar that offers some tips for the amateur photographer. I would be willing to shell out a few bucks for that! And I agree with the other Stephanie, people should chill out. Everyone’s a critic! 😉

  • I agree that some people are being way to negative. If you feel you are such an expert at something, fine. But you do not have to prove how much you know by knocking down someone else. I appreciated this pictures for what they are and they can show us some cool technology. I haven’t seen pictures changed this way and I think it is a nice way to show something familiar to us in a different way. People, chill out!!!

  • Oops, first comment didn’t post, please disregard my “correction”.

    Fun images! Thanks for sharing.

  • Correction: Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (I was projecting 🙂

  • I think they are amazing, but then again I’m not a Photography Expert…. jeez such negativity today. Paul, thank you for sharing, they are beautiful and I look forward to the next set.

  • With all due respect, considering these are Paul’s first HDR images I think we should give him a little more respect. Like all things, it takes some time to hone in any skill. Can’t wait to see the next set of HDR’s Paul!

  • With all due respect, for me, this HDR is a little bit too over the top. It looks like it could have been done with a single exposure and a filter like Topaz Adjust or Nik Color Efex Pro. The colors are pushed too far to a place where they are unrealistic (even for a place where fantasy is accepted like Disney), and there is a lot of noise in the images that really shouldn’t be there.

    To address the other comments here about HDR going too far into illustration as opposed to photography, I think HDR has gotten a bad rap and is completely understood. It is also something that depending on who you talk to, has many definitions. What is posted on the blog here is a very surrealist HDR, while there are other photos considered HDR by some that are very clean and just display perfect light levels and details. You can search for people like Gregg L Cooper, Ryan Pastorino, and Bill McIntosh on Flickr for examples of HDR that has a very realistic feel, just with some extra pop attached to it. Cheers!

  • Disney is the perfect place for HDR. I did a number of HDR images myself after my last trip to Disney World.

  • LOVE that! I wish it was possible to see like that in real life. I always feel like I see things at Disney a little bit brighter. That just brings my imagination to life.

  • Not a fan of HDR at all. It goes way too far into illustration territory rather than photography. I like photos to represent something that I can actually see.


  • I agree! Tours Departing Daily have amazing works of art similar to this! You can find them on facebook

  • The processing here leaves a lot to be desired. Trey Ratcliff, and even a lot of amateur Disney photographers on Flickr are doing really great HDR stuff. I might check those out and rethink the intensity of some of these…

  • I love these pictures!

  • You should have Tours Departing Daily on as a guest.

  • Those Are REALLY Cool. I Can’t Wait To See More!

  • These pictures are true masterpieces. Would love to definitely see more of photos like these

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