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Behind the Scenes: Flying With Cirque du Soleil Aerialists at ‘La Nouba’ at Downtown Disney

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

by , Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

I always love writing about Walt Disney World Resort, but this assignment was truly “uplifting.”

I recently headed backstage to learn more about the performers in “La Nouba” by Cirque du Soleil at Downtown Disney. There, I met Ana Cuellar, Captain of the Silks, who was kind enough to show me a thing or two about aerial ballet, one of the many amazing acts performed in the show.

While my “flight” took me 12 feet in the air, Ana and her team regularly perform as high as 45 feet during the show.

I wonder how many flights it took them to stop shrieking with excitement…

You can purchase tickets for “La Nouba” at DisneyWorld.com/LaNouba.


  • Several years ago when our family made it’s first visit to Disney World I booked tickets for Cirque du Soleil. We had never seen any performances before but what I had read of their performances interested me. Our girls in particular gave me a lot of grief over the fact “we were going all the way to Disney World just to see a CIRCUS????” I almost gave in but I am so glad I didn’t. La Nouba was one of the outstanding high lights of our trip. The girls loved it so much they wanted to go a second time while we were there. Over the years we have been fortunate to get to see 5 different performances of the various Cirques around the country and love them all. La Nouba remains our favorite. No one should miss it!!

    I have been a Walt Disney fan for most of my 62 years and find it not surprising that it was Disney World that introduced us to Cirque du Soleil. We feel this is a “don’t miss it” part of the entertainment when we go to Disney World. I have long felt it was something Walt himself would have chosen for the Park.

    Thank God for the genius of Walt Disney!!

    Arizona Mike

    • I’m so happy your family enjoyed the show so much!

  • I´m Rodolfo from Monterrey, Mexico, the city where Ana Cuellar was born and live until he joined LA NOUBA. Im a close friend of Ana and for all of us, Ana is a model to follow in success, discipline, hard work and a great example that when you truly dream with all your hard, those dreams will come true.

    I know how hard was to Ana all the journey to get to this point. Ana had to face so many obstacles but her courage and passion that she has for the thing she loves, made her to be now one of the best artist of Cirque Du Soleil and truly and great representative of Mexico and Monterrey.

    I have seen LA NOUBA 36 times and I can’t stop seeing this amazing show, but the bet pard of course is to see Ana performing like an aerialist as a solo or in the group or as the Cleaning lady ( she is also back up for this character) and every time I see performing on the stage (or in the air of LA NOUBA’s stage) I feel so fortunate to have a friend like her and that give me the power to try and do and reach as high as she has done!

    Thanks Ana for showing the world that Mexico is a land of great people, great artist but the best of all, the great human side we all have! =)

    We love you and we miss you so much! VIVA MONTERREY, VIVA MEXICO, VIVA LA NOUBA!

    With love your best friend,

    Rodolfo =)

    • Thanks for writing, Rodolfo. I really enjoyed meeting Ana, and was happy we could feature her in this video. She was a great teacher (not sure I was the best student). 🙂

  • I keep running into people who, like that obnoxious Expedia commercial, are afraid to see Cirque because they’re going to be “trapped in a room with French street mimes”–Then I show them the clip of when Cirque did their trampoline act at the Oscars, and THEN they know why it’s amazing. 🙂
    Nouba still has the best music, and it’s tied with Dralion for best Cirque show, but wouldn’t mind seeing some other tours come in for a year–Nouba was intended to be more “family friendly” for the Disney crowd, but another new family-tailored show would spark up the West Side.

  • How about a new Cirque show? I’ve seen La Nouba twice, and would like to see something new.

  • You get to do the neatest things for your job! I saw La Nouba last spring with my granddaughter. It was great.

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