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Behind the Wall: Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park

Erin Glover

by , Director, Publicity, Walt Disney Animation Studios

It’s time again to take another look behind the wall and into Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park! As you can see in the photos below, Radiator Springs Racers and the mountain range through which the attraction will, well…race, are continuing to take shape. Stay tuned for more updates!

Cars Land Continues to Take Shape at Disney California Adventure Park Cars Land Continues to Take Shape at Disney California Adventure Park Cars Land Continues to Take Shape at Disney California Adventure Park Cars Land Continues to Take Shape at Disney California Adventure Park


  • Can’t wait till Sept. Was at CA in Aug ’10 when construction was early and started planning vac w/grandson then. The detail is so amazing, hats off to the artist’s who make this happen. Hope the bridge stays but heard rumors CA is getting new entrance.

  • Sheri–
    There will be a bridge, but it won’t be the Golden Gate Bridge anymore. Instead, it will be a replica of the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge from Los Angeles.

    Disney has not announced an exact date, but everything is supposed to be finished by this summer.

  • We want to visit in June but are waiting to book our trip until a hard opening date is announced (my nephew is a Cars fantatic). If you don’t have a hard opening date you can announce yet, can you let us know when you will announce the opening date?

  • I am excited for the new attraction to open. I saw the progress in Dec. The construction did make it scary to maneuver in CA. The crowds were record breaking and we weren’t able to get to most areas of the park. When will the work be finished and will the bridge be back? I miss it…it says California!

  • I wish this was at Disney World. I’m going there in June.

  • That guy doing the road better do good or they will make him do it over… 🙂


  • Can’t Wait!!!

  • A question… are you using real ‘blacktop’ for the main street? That usually isn’t a good choice for a theme park environment, due to the heat and smell issues.

  • Would love to know exact date cars land opens so we can book vacation

  • @Michael the Little Mermaid Attraction has already opened.

  • Looks awesome! We will be there in August I hope it’s opened by then. Any word on an eta of opening?

  • It’s still amazing how realisitc the rocks look!

  • I think that this is the best they have done yet with a pixar movie! I can’t wait! And I am so glad its only in CA because Disney World should not get everything. They all ready have so much that CA will never have. =]

  • I am so excited to walk right into a movie. How fun is that. I hope there will be annual passholder preview days.

  • This is just incredible! the imaginears did fantastic! i can’t wait to be in radiator springs!

  • Looks great!

  • What is the specific date the Cars attraction is supposed to be open? Specific opening date for The Little Mermaid attraction?

  • This is not just an attraction, it´s a work of art!
    It´s the mariage between a blockbuster animation movie and state of the art attraction with a layer of awesomeness made by the best artists.
    I would love to see this in Disney World.

  • Alex–
    I agree, each resort needs its own unique attractions. 🙂

    Plus, if people are ever going to take California Adventure seriously, it needs to have unique attractions that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • It is so exciting to see cars Land as it developes! My family is so excited to see it. We moved our Disneyland trip from April to October this year so we can enjoy Cars Land!

  • Look so cool!!! Is there an approximate date of when it will open? We want to come in June but I will be sad if we miss it by a week or two!

  • I’ve loved watching Radiator Springs developing from nothing. I think it shouldn’t be in Disney World. I like the fact that each resort has its own special attractions to, you know, attract guests over there. If every resort had all the same attractions I would never go to Disney World, but I want to ride Expedition Everest.

  • this should be in Disney World also!

  • I am so excited for the opening. I was impressed with the progress from my view at the Golden Vine Winery.

  • Aww i’m happpy for DCA!

  • im just really hoping for the radiator springs drive in theatre to come to cal. adventure!(fingers crossed)

  • So amazing…I stood outside the Blue Sky Cellar the other day and just stared down the main street for a good 15mins

  • Didn’t Lightning McQueen already use Bessie to pave that road?

  • Can’t wait, hope it is finished when we are scheduled to be there in June!

  • Its looking awesome! 😀

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